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Windows 8 Applications. And Your Enterprise.

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The ecosystem and the umbrella.

The reach of Windows operating system is the largest in the world – residential or enterprise. Yet, in the past, products under the Microsoft umbrella have been quite individualistic (PCs; Tablets; Phones; XBOX). To patch up these holes, Windows 8 focuses on establishing a cohesive Microsoft ecosystem by emphasizingnative application development and promoting mobile device usage.

Since our up-start, Softway Solutions has vast experience developing (C++, C#, HTML 5,.Net) and integrating applications for Windows mobile devices. With Windows 8 purposefully designed to be enterprise-ready, Microsoft has delivered to developers and businesses alike an interconnected ecosystem that dwarfs all others. (Yes, even Apple’s.)

Windows 8 Applications. And YourEnterprise.

The time to mobilize your business is now. Never before has the potential of mobile devices looked so boundless. Along with the release of Windows 8, over fifty new Windows-based products are set to ‘drop’– with twice as many to be released the following year.

What does this mean for businesses? Well, applications just became extremely powerful and hyper-accessible. The interconnectivity Microsoft is now offering will allow your employees to seamlessly set-up your Windows 8 powered enterprise application anywhere. On PCs, phones and tablets, to even carrying your enterprise (or work) desktop on a bootable USB drive with ‘Windows To-Go’.

In addition to enterprise application development, Softway Solutions has extensive knowledge on implementing reliable data security measures to cover any business’s needs. Ask us how incorporating Microsoft’s new BitLocker 2.0 solution can keep you enterprise application secure from viruses, malware, theft, or data temperament.

Commercial Applications.Unbound.

From Windows 8, forward.All applications purchased from the Microsoft Store will be compatible with all relevant platforms running Windows 8 – Xbox included (Batteries not). Consumer accessibility just got really fun.

Have a great idea? Softway can breathe life into it; beautiful, intuitive, robust life. Our capabilities for commercial applications are as boundless as your imagination. From engaging user-experience design, geo-location, analytics, to social networking, Softway Solutions Creative Marketing department excels at creatively implementing strategic user-adoption practices.

Want to develop a game app? Along with our Mobile Development team, Softway provides 3D and animation services via our award-winning Multimedia department. Capable of developing games on virtually every platform, Softway’s cross-divisional approach to game applications is a collaborative process that delivers exceptionally creative results.

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