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When your entire online business identity hinges on the reliability and safety of your server, trust the tried-and-true engineers at Softway Solutions for all your server administration needs. We’ve been in the business for nearly a decade, so we’ve had a chance to work with numerous types of server technologies and know the ins and out of each type, regardless of how aged or complex they are.

If your startup Houston business is ready to break into the online marketplace, Softway Solutions has the server administration specialists you need. Your server is your online bank of files, data and information that makes your website work. That includes the code that makes your website work, the pictures, videos and sounds your users will experience, and the usernames, passwords and vital information your users use to log into your site. It also includes credit card information, addresses and highly sensitive data that your customers trust you to keep safe.

Maintenance of Existing Servers and Setup of New Servers

Our professional Internet engineers have years of experience working with all the major server technologies. We use comprehensive database strategies built from original PHP, ASP and JSP framework, as well as .Net development, C#, Cake PHP and Ruby on Rails, among other programming and scripting languages.

Whether you need an existing server maintained by our Houston server administration team, or you need a brand-new server setup to accommodate your growing business, our web programmers and engineers are ready to go. We can maintain your servers from right here in our Houston office, which gives you peace of mind that your information and files are safe and sound.

When Your Server Is Under Attack

These days, there are thieves and hackers trying to break into your servers and databases looking to extract the personal information of your employees and customers. Softway Solutions employs the industry's leading server administration experts who are highly knowledgeable of strategies these thieves use and know all the ways to encrypt your vital information in order to protect it from prying hands.

We use cutting-edge technology to protect your servers and your customers. With secured server administration from Houston's own Softway Solutions, you'll be able to proudly tell customers that their transaction is guaranteed safe.

A Down Server Means Down Profits

Thieves aren't the only problem your unmaintained server can experience. With constant influxes of traffic and data transfer, your server is constantly under attack from your own customers, albeit unintentionally. It's simply a byproduct of a growing website, and it takes knowledgeable Houston server administrators to stay ahead of your growing consumer base and ensure your servers are able to handle the traffic, server requests and databases your business needs.

When your server goes down, so does the ability of anybody to view your website. That means nobody is buying products, nobody is interacting on your forums and nobody is forwarding your URL to their friends. Softway Solutions server administration experts specialize in keeping servers up and running so you can do business at all hours of the day, even after your Houston location is closed for the night.

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