Understanding The User In UX Design

For the Softway Solutions team to build a superior website for your end user, we must perform adequate primary research and secondary research to understand the audience. We use thorough methodologies to ensure user experience concepts are integrated in every aspect of your website design. This research involves many tactics for market analysis and studying the people in different target markets who might buy your products or services. As the business owner, you aren't always aware of everything that influences a potential customer’s website experience but we have the expertise to help you find out.

Customer Motivation

Market research means going deeper into the motivations of prospective customers. We put ourselves in their shoes, walk their lives, and consider what will get them to perform the immediate action you want them to perform. Whether the action is filling out a contact form or purchasing a product, users can take as many as 15 page clicks and even multiple sessions before they finally hit the “checkout” button. Have you ever wondered why users may put something in their cart and then not purchase? User experience research can lead you to an answer.

Customer Challenges

We know customers have common struggles with time available or product knowledge. We look for commonalities of what they might think and feel as they click on different areas on your website. We make the design better, so their experience is easier and more enjoyable. This involves sitting down and conducting primary research, or interviewing prospects who match your target user definition. We discuss their needs and wants and can simulate real experiences with prototype testing.


Let us say we're building a website with tools for nurses. We are told the nurses at Green Acres Hospital only receive 10% of each shift to catch up on paperwork. In reality, they spend 20% of their shift, which means they are doing 10% of their work on the overtime clock. We ask: How much time do nurses at other hospitals spend on “paperwork” and process? How long is the average intake process? How long is the average checkout process? With well-researched answers to these questions, we can make the website design better, creating applications that will reduce time needed for paperwork and enhance the nurses' satisfaction with the website.

To build the best digital product for your users, Softway Solutions will study your users and make our design and development processes responsive to their interaction needs.

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