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So, what can a 140-character message do for your business? Especially, if you’re new to the world of social media marketing and all references to ‘tweets’ are quoted by the celebrities. But what you should know is how best to use this ‘SMS of the Internet’ with over 300 million active users to your advantage. Ignoring millions of users would be unwise. Twitter marketing is a platform with incredible reach and all you need is creativity to leverage those 140-characters to drive more traffic to your business website.

Twitter can grow your business. The edge it has over other social media platforms is mainly its large audience and the scope for real-time conversations between your company and your consumers. Be it users asking product questions or sharing feedback or companies addressing concerns or highlighting product features, it’s all happening on an open forum where information benefits all and even better, in real-time. It’s no wonder that Twitter is often referred to as an information network. A platform to unleash your marketing, advertising and branding expertise.

Twitter marketing services

Read on to learn more about Softway’s Twitter marketing services and what value to expect from bringing your marketing on Twitter to us.

Professional Twitter profile

Having a Twitter profile is not good enough. Your business needs to be found and followed. The importance of having a well-defined and professional Twitter bio cannot be overstated. A professional business profile will remove ambiguity among users trying to find your company on Twitter’s search engine. It’s very often that companies exist with similar names, and the need to stand out arises even more. The information should capture who you are, what you offer and provide users valid links to your website or service pages. Having set up several social media accounts for businesses, we know the what’s and how’s of presentation and identity.

Account management & consulting

Maintaining a personal Twitter account is fun. It’s user-friendly and straightforward. But when it comes to a business, you may need to be aware of a lot more features. In understanding the nature of your business, the number of posts or the type of posts that need to be shared and with who. We can brief you on the several features you could use like alerts when users reply or have a question and other tools to manage your Twitter account seamlessly. Besides creating an account, we will suggest some professional twitter marketing strategies that include how to build followers, connections and the type of content to share to ultimately set you up as a thought leader. We’ll brief you on the best practices of building your brand online.

Build audience

You may have an optimized profile and compelling content, but what good is it if there’s just a handful that view them. Followers are a key element to a successful twitter advertising strategy. A company needs to look at ways to build followers. We can help you find trending topics, and establish a connection to your brand. We know best practices when it comes to content sharing and the use and overuse of hashtags. With proper research and analysis as well as attaching relevant content to hashtags we can get you the right traffic and followers.

Strategic marketing plans

Good marketing plans are usually aligned to a company’s goals and objectives. A social media marketing expert understands these goals and designs a strategy to achieve them. These services range from the type of content shared, its design and development, the frequency of posts shared, with whom and how they choose to respond. There may be cases where a company is quoted by users, so it may be a choice of the company to either respond or ignore the post based on its relevancy. A social media expert can tell you what posts to retweet, how to get followers to retweet or maybe even share a fresh tweet.

The type of content to share is another key factor to define. Depending on your business or strategy, you may want to share more of videos and images versus plain text. With creative images and videos getting more clicks these days, it is essential to move in the same direction. Softway is a micro-video production company that creates captivating looping videos or stop animation videos that are simple, creative and effective marketing tools.

Influencer marketing is in. It works on a platform where people trust the opinions of specialists. A third person who endorses a product, someone knowledgeable to review a product. Most products today sell based on reviews, testimonials and product-ratings by users. We can help you identify those influencers in the industry of your business or target area and help you establish a relationship with them. A timely endorsement of a product can in no time, no doubt reach the masses.

Gauge audience vibes

Twitter analytics is a great tool to measure, track and monitor your content out there. Are the audiences biting? Is any content resonating with your target audience? With so many posts, it’s easy to miss out on the tiny details. Twitter analytics experts give you detailed and visual reports on tweets, retweets, replies, mentions and hashtags. Understanding what keywords or URLs contributed to bringing in traffic to your business page, is a key element in your marketing plan. You can focus attention on optimizing low performance keywords and create twitter ads that target top performing keywords.

Based on expert social media analyzing, an effective marketing strategy is designed. It calls for media experts to analyze traffic trends in social media, and how your business is performing in terms of engaging users.

So if you’re looking to market on Twitter, you can see what Softway, a top social media marketing company in Houston can do for you. With expertise ranging from market strategy designs that are based on research and analysis to content creation and development, we’re your one-stop solution to all your social media marketing needs.

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