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Websites today need to be more than just appealing. Apart from functioning seamlessly, they must be optimized for visibility, relevance and user experience. Several SEO agencies deliver services prioritizing search engines over user experience and, in doing so, impact ranking of their clients in the long run. Engines today have advanced algorithms that rank websites smartly on the basis of user experience forcing search engine optimization to give preference to users instead of engines.

So, it’s important which SEO agency you partner with in Houston. A top SEO company, like Softway, known for its experience in SEO and UX, can help businesses in and around Houston leverage from the many SEO services it has to offer.

How to choose the right Houston SEO company?

Let’s take a quick look at how to choose the best SEO company in Houston for your website optimization needs and the benefits of outsourcing your SEO project to Softway.

What are the SEO methods employed?

Investigating practices followed by search engine optimization companies to build page ranking is crucial. The fact is that many Houston SEO companies today commit to meeting your requirements using unethical practices. These are referred to as ‘black hat’ services that resort to low quality techniques. These may deliver quick results but can result in a long-term penalty. Google frequently rolls out these algorithm updates, to curb practices like keyword stuffing and cloaking to ensure websites are providing value to users. There are many techniques still used by novice SEO consultants that actually keep websites from showing up on Google's search results.

So, if you’re working with a professional Houston SEO firm like Softway, these sudden updates will have no impact to your site. You can be assured of professional website optimization using white hat marketing strategies. As one of the top local SEO companies in Houston, Softway is up-to-date to handle search engine updates, ensuring no impact to your website ranking.

How many years of core SEO experience?

A good way to tell a good SEO company from an amateur one is learning about their overall experience. Thousands of people in Houston put up simple websites each year to try to get work as independent SEO consultants. Unfortunately, there's no way to know if they can back up their claims until you've paid for the service. Many SEO training programs don't update their curriculum with search engine updates, making certifications a poor indicator of an SEO firm’s knowledge.

A good indicator would be to look at a company’s years of service and list of clientele they have serviced over the years. One such company is Softway; a well-established, long-running SEO company in Houston that delivers quality results backed by years of knowledge and expertise across several types of websites. With a strong combination of SEO web design and development knowledge, Softway ensures SEO elements are considered and prioritized right from scratch of the development cycle.

What is the list of SEO services offered?

Keyword research

Content creation

On-site optimization

SEO technical fixes

Website migration

Another factor to help you choose the best of SEO agencies in Houston are the list of services you want to hire. There are a handful of inter-related website promotion services that work to boost SEO results. A properly executed text or banner ad campaign isn't always included as a SEO tactic, but it helps capture traffic outside of what a search engine can provide.

Softway has become one of the best SEO companies Houston has to offer; well reputed for its quality work. Read more on their list of service offerings apart from website design and development and creative marketing.

Keyword research for optimized reach

Understanding the needs of a company is the first step in finding the right keywords for optimization of a website. Keywords differ across businesses and audiences, and so it’s important to perform a keyword analysis and research to understand terms, phrases and keywords people use to search for a particular product or service. While a lot of firms brag on boosting visits to your website, Softway emphasizes on quality traffic, where visitors convert to customers more frequently. With effective keyword research, you can identify keywords that have a good search volume and scope to rank among the top 10 search results. In doing so, SEO companies across Houston can target audiences by creating quality content around these identified keywords which in turn provides value to visitors and increases conversions through better website engagement.

Content creation for users & search

The content marketing team at Softway creates quality content that focuses more on providing informational value and less on promotional. The difference with an optimized piece of content lies in its user-focused approach. By tapping on their most searched queries, quality content increases the power to attract visitors organically to websites and, based on the informational value, improves engagement levels which is a strong factor for ranking. Creation of quality content offers scope for companies to gain reputation as thought leaders of their industry and ultimately increase the number of returning visitors to website.

On-page services for search optimization

Besides content optimization, the other aspects of a webpage that have a high factor in contributing to online visibility and better user experience are metadata, URL structures, header tags, image tags, relevant interlinking, call to actions and linkable categorized text that work to facilitate easy navigation for users across a website.

Metadata is a short set of descriptive data that gives more information about a page to users and search engines. That way, users are better informed before clicking on a search result and search engines are better informed to facilitate better indexing that leads to increased visibility. Similarly, using smart header tags help readers easily browse topics covered in a particular page.

Also, since users don’t always have high speed internet for downloading images, and search engines are sometimes unable to decipher contents of an image, image titles help users and image tags to help search engines with image descriptions. With providing the relevant interlinking or anchor texts and call to actions, visitors have a much better experience on the website and a chance to increase conversions with strategic placement of call to actions on a webpage.

Working with an up-to-date Houston search engine company like Softway can benefit your company with the technical know-hows and best practices of search engines like Google. They strike the ideal balance between search engine optimization and user experience on your website.

SEO technical fixes

Like everything else, a website requires maintenance and regular checks. In addition, search engines release updates and announcements of algorithm changes requiring all business websites to update certain aspects of their websites accordingly. Some of the common technical SEO fixes include implementing the right redirect rules and URL structures. Several websites have pages that are interpreted as duplicate versions that are differentiated by insignificant URL variables. URLs too, are often stuffed with keywords that confuse search engines and visitors.

Softway’s SEO professionals aim at providing a good user experience primarily with clarity to search engines so as to avoid duplications or keyword stuffing. They suggest the right URL structures that are both user and search-friendly. Search engines are, in this way, clear about which page to rank for queries and whether to direct the link metrics to one particular page or separately. Web pages throwing the right response status or error is another aspect often overlooked. For example, certain pages that do not exist must inform users that are trying to access them of their invalidity. Search engines must also be notified of this error to avoid problems of page crawling and indexing. Similarly, checking with your SEO agency about their expertise in implementing and maintaining sitemaps and robots file is essential. You must know that a tiny flaw in these aspects can cause severe damage to your online success.

SEO in website migration

With newer and user-friendly technologies in the market, a lot of companies realize the long-term benefits of migrating to a CMS website or newer platform. Several business owners are hesitant about a website migration, considering the impact to ranking. The difference with Softway is the involvement of SEO expertise right at the start of the development cycle. Here, websites are built in tandem with these top Houston SEO consultants. With several successful website migrations to our name, we assure your website a seamless transition, guaranteeing negligible traffic loss and drop in ranking while maintaining key ranking.

So apart from the list of SEO services to increase your organic inbound marketing efforts, Softway’s SEO team are experts in paid marketing techniques like pay per click advertising which give a boost to your website ranking. As a top SEO company in Houston, our adaptability to the dynamic world of technology and search engine algorithms is top notch. You can count on us to build and execute the best of local SEO strategies in Houston. With our expertise in link building you can own an impressive company link profile and enjoy the benefits of being listed on Houston’s local directories. Contact us to increase your visibility and grow your business.

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