Ride the wave of the future with stop motion videos

Many techniques used in television and movie production are increasingly making their way into the mainstream, usually through stop motion video production. That's because big companies realize online consumers want quicker ways to experience a brand. In the same period that TV commercials are becoming a thing of the past, short videos are becoming the wave of the future. Why do people tune out TV commercials? Some are one to two minutes long, often demanding that minds accustomed to multi-tasking pay more attention. Short videos are six seconds, easy for viewers to follow and rapidly determine if they contain important messages.

Animate for powerful storytelling

It's time to put micro-videos to work for your online marketing campaign. We believe the beauty of marketing through micro-video storytelling will become even more relevant to web consumers in the next few years. Consequently, we specialize in stop motion animation production for TV and stop motion animation production for YouTube, creating compelling six-second sequences that connect with diverse audiences. This kind of film is so short that the use of audio and visual elements and sometimes printed words must be right on target. A finely-crafted video will be so short that people won't mind watching it over and over and sharing it online with all of their friends.

Learn about stop motion animation production for Vine

At Softway Solutions, we have an entire creative team dedicated to stop motion animation production. Whereas a single user could create stop motion videos by starting and stopping a Smartphone camera, we use more complex equipment. Before we get to the filming stage, we talk with you about your brand and study your core marketing objectives. We do thorough research about your target consumers. Then, we develop storyboards to map out the sequence of your micro-video.

Trust our experts in stop motion video animation production for Instagram

In the end, storyboarding helps us consider all elements that would produce a convincing short video. A good work is completely stand-alone. When we get the story just right, a video is also dramatic – or sad, funny, witty, or thrilling – making it a no-brainer that everyday people replay it numerous times.

Choose Softway Solutions for your micro-video projects as we are a top-notch animated video maker. A six-second video created in our studio or on location increases your company's relevance to consumers with short attention spans and a love of imagery and storytelling.

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