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Invite Your Sports Franchise Fans to Connect Online with Our Sports Mobile App

Whatever the sport or level it is played at, apps for sports teams are a great idea to build fan loyalty beyond game day. An easy-to-use mobile device app is among the few ways you can effectively reach fans all day any day. Apps can be designed to allow fans to choose seats and buy tickets, download and use coupons and even obtain driving directions to your venue. With all the communication tools and resources we have to offer at Softway Solutions, there is no reason for your current and future fans and spectators not to be in the know.

Bring on the feature list!

Content Management - Real-time updates are available directly to you with a browser-based content management system.

Stream From Home - For fans that can't make it to every game, the audio from the stadium can be streamed through the app.

Access and Share Coupons - Add coupons for fans to use or share with their friends.

Team Lineup - Post the entire lineup with bios and stats for each player, cheerleader and the mascot.

Social Updates and Sharing - Stream your blog like an RSS feed and link up your social media pages. Your fans can share these updates directly from the app.

Directions - Turn-by-turn directions with the added bonus of weather information and seating charts.

Share Photos and Videos - Create photo galleries or link to YouTube or Vimeo to keep up with your content strategy.

Merchandise and Venue Info - Sell your merch directly in the app and spread the information about where things are inside the venue.

FanZone - One spot for the fans to upload pictures, videos and access a variety of noisemakers. From here, every fan can submit to be the Fan of the Week.

Push Notifications - Manage what notifications you want to utilize and give your fans the same option.

Analytics - Google Analytics and appFigures accounts come along with the application so you can login and view your app's stats.

7 Advertising Spots - Utilize the app as a sales tool and create 7 new spots where revenue can be generated.

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