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Business process automation for a competitive edge is something that’s trending across Houston businesses. For the advantages of lowering costs and maintaining competitive advantage, business automation via software development has gained all the more importance. What used to be exclusive to the big corporations, is now trending with the smaller and medium businesses. Some of the most common business functions that leverage software development for enterprise solutions are data processing, internal communication support, marketing campaign management, training, education and sales.

Thanks to custom software companies like Softway, businesses can now save on manual, repetitive work and focus on more strategic and managerial tasks. Softway’s expertise over the last decade has built focus on empowering businesses with informed decisions by catering to the common criteria needed for decision making. Providing accurate analysis and estimations on budget requirement, deliverability timeline or choice of technology, has helped businesses leverage these to their advantage.

Custom software development for business growth

Irrespective of the size or industry you fall under, software development consulting can give you insights into your routine processes that can be automated with custom business software instead of the manual and laborious time it can involve.

Here’s a quick look at why business owners opt to get out of their comfort zone and take the plunge into business process automation.

Improved efficiency & reduced costs:

In automating a process, businesses can reduce their costs which can be in the form of reduced resources and lesser requirements when it comes to training. Training can be expensive and takes time before an employee actually gains momentum.

Competitive advantage:

Integrating software completely across your business processes and departments ensures improved productivity, efficiency and increased profits. Advanced software can keep you ahead of the competition providing quality services at minimum effort.

Better business management:

Custom software programming facilitates smooth business operations. The ability to monitor processes in real-time helps business owners resolve issues in process quicker and ultimately avoid any customer complaints or loopholes that can affect your business in the long run.

Improved customer service:

Customers are your ambassadors and need to be kept happy with quick and quality solutions. This means ensuring no loopholes like customer data insecurity or an outdated customer data base. An effective software consultant can help you with customized software development tools to make your CRM seamless.

Customized software development with Softway:

Learn how popular software development methodologies at Softway translate into software development process types best suited for your business and end-users.

Business objectives

Requirement & specifications

Platforms for software development

Security & protection

Maintenance & support

1. Business objectives

Every business process must be aligned to the overall objectives of the company. Same when it comes to building a software. Will the automated process drive in fulfilling these objectives? How much of a role does the cost play? When thinking of cost, keep in mind that there are two approaches that can impact costs. The agile approach is best for projects with a loosely defined scope and budget. If you want a fixed cost, waterfall is the approach for you.

Empathy is what sets Softway apart. In stepping into customer’s shoes and building the right connection, we understand core needs of your business and what success means to you. In identifying cost containment or increased revenue as the main objective of a business, we recommend the most ideal approach. Similarly, with start-ups, the discovery phase is a crucial one. Here’s how Softway can help.

The importance of the discovery process in software development

Discovery phases are crucial for all new concepts because it builds a shared vision of the project among all the key stakeholders of the project. It identifies the tasks and deliverables that address the requirements and goals of the project as set by you. Although this may be opted as an add-on service, we highly recommend this process to create a more concrete vision of your dream software. The process of the discovery phase includes defining a vision, business goals, user profiles, mock-ups of key interaction screens and outlining any critical technical complications that are foreseen. You can never go wrong with your enterprise software integration when starting at this stage in consultation with the experts.

2. Requirements & specifications

As a business owner, it’s worth investing time to churn out well thought-out requirements. Considering market fluctuations or business scenarios, most businesses don’t have a fixed scope of work and prefer to go with the flow, phase by phase. In such cases, an ideal approach for this development process is the agile scrum methodology where, a review at every phase or sprint would define changes in the upcoming sprints. Based off historical sprints, businesses are able to estimate and plan better. On the other hand, projects with definite clarity, or well-thought out information on the table, can opt for the waterfall model. The software development process at Softway begins by weighing in the scope of work and chalking out road maps. These road maps help in defining delivery estimates based off the needed efforts. That’s where Softway’s custom software development services are able to leverage their flexibility to accommodate an ideal methodology to deliver your desired end result.

3. Choosing your software platform

Choosing the most ideal platform to build your software can be one of most critical choices for building your software application. Based on the frequent updates in technology, your application should be adaptive and scalable. Most web based applications according to technology consultants can be developed on any platform. But Softway’s software application developers can recommend ideal solutions by identifying the advantages of each platform. This way you can avoid issues that could end up taking most of your time, be it fixing or redeeming your application from becoming obsolete.

Here is where expertise on specific platforms count in choosing a software development model. In cases of having a specific project type familiarity or expertise, a waterfall development serves ideal for both the client and the development company. Similarly, considering a project is built on a new concept, both for the agency and your business, an agile or scrum development may be a great choice of approach. This is mainly to accommodate the regular need for change and adaptability in the scope.

4. Software security & protection

If you’re building a business application, data can pose a security risk. The degree of risk can vary from industry to industry. Understanding the nature of your business, the type of content your software will require or the information it’s built to provide, can define the recommended security needed. Softway’s development team in Houston, offers customized services for the end users with no compromise to security. Software applications built for businesses with critical or sensitive data will ensure security is given a high priority right from writing secure codes to rigorous testing.

Considering the potential breaches to enterprise applications, an ideal choice in methodology would be one that facilitates mitigating risks to business. One such model that fits this requirement is the spiral model for its high dependency on informed decisions. This is designed to facilitate maximum risk analysis in order to proceed to the subsequent step of the software development cycle thereby ensuring an enhanced risk avoidance.

5. Software maintenance & support

If you’ve dealt with software before, you’d know deployment is never the end of the cycle. In order to ensure the software is delivering to its maximum, there must be certain maintenance factors that assure its performance. Varying by industry, this is something that is needed to stay competitive versus the basics of getting the job done. Softway’s customized software solutions offer maintenance options that can range from preventive maintenance to routine maintenance services. Whether this means refining your software or simple fixes to even routine check-ups, we have the software expertise and customized budget options to choose from, all ensuring you keep momentum going.

List of custom software development technologies:

.Net development

Java development

PHP development

Enterprise application development

ROR development

Mobile app development

Custom application development

1. .Net development

The reduction of developmental time and operational cost makes this a popular choice when it comes to technology platforms for business application development. Softway Solutions has over a decade of experience in applying technology in the Microsoft .net framework in Houston and has expertise of various Microsoft technologies delivering high end .Net applications.

2. Java development

This high-level programming software is the base of almost any networked application accompanied by endless benefits. From web based content to enterprise software, gaming and mobile applications, almost every enterprise uses Java one way or the other. Softway Solutions is an experienced Java application development company in Houston that has the Java technical expertise to meet your design and development needs.

3. PHP development

An ideal solution for any dynamic web applications guaranteeing high performance. PHP works considerably well from small websites to highly complex applications. Softway’s expert PHP programmers in Houston offer reliable resources when it comes to web development, web app development, customization, integration and migration services in Houston.

4. Enterprise application development

The EAS or enterprise application software is usually deployed in large organizations to help businesses solve their enterprise problems. They are usually handled by custom software service experts because of the high complexity and specialization required. Softway Solutions, as a business software development team in Houston, can help you right from development to deployment of your customized enterprise mobile app.

5. ROR development

This is an ideal and economical web technology for quick prototype set-ups. Softway’s software programmers are experts in the ROR technology in Houston and offer quick development solutions for your websites and application needs. These are suitable for start-ups to large companies with highly complex functionality and services.

6. Mobile app development

With the rapid growth rate of mobile users, almost every business has permeated their presence in the mobile sphere in the form of websites or apps. Softway’s expertise in mobile app development over the last few years has gained its position as Houston’s top mobile application development company. From Android, iOS and Windows app development to custom mobile websites or conversions, Softway’s mobile programmers offer much more.

7. Custom application development

We build exactly what your business needs. Starting from understanding your business goals to understanding process and the way employees interact with the existing systems, we design software with users in mind. Programmers at Softway Solutions are experienced when it comes to tailor-made application development. These solutions are comparatively scalable to the off-the-shelf software omitting fear of business growth or suited to help facilitate effective training.

Benefits of Softway Solutions as your software development partner

Quality & timely delivery:

Softway is a one-stop shop for your software programming and development services. With dedicated software development managers as your single point of contact, we ensure quality delivery to match your requirements

Development methodology:

With experience dating back to 2003, our team of software developers and project managers make use of various progressive platforms & tools and blend them with advanced project management strategies. We work in both traditional waterfall development and we also work in agile methodology with a focus on scrum software development.

Business-oriented approach:

Our business-oriented approach separates us from the other software development companies. Our development experts work to understand your brand, gaining creative insights to create custom solutions that push your business ahead.

Flexibility & versatility:

Softway’s technical consulting and development team work cohesively to ensures a seamless service delivery irrespective of the concept of scope. We can work with existing requirements given by you or with you to outline the user experience and requirements that your software system needs.

So, if you’re a business owner in Houston, interested in setting up business transformation initiatives, give us a call. We can help you get started on a user-focused software that can be a perfect solution to all those hours and resources spent on striving for efficiency and revenue growth. With professional consulting, research and analysis to gain understanding of end-users, we can create secure software systems that are customized solutions to all businesses. Contact Softway, a custom software development company in Houston, to get a quote on your customized services.

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