The professional side of social media

For most part of its casual nature, a few may find any reference to social media marketing as a powerful tool for businesses, interesting. But this medium has gained popularity over the years, for its unimaginable audience reach and the ease of a two-way communication, that all happens real time. So, with such potential, the need for a well-thought out social media strategy to grow your branding and business cannot be overstated.

Social media may not be a main source of leads for many businesses but it definitely empowers your marketing efforts with assisted conversions. This means navigating visitors from a social account to your website. This is one place you can clearly have fun and show your audience a personality.

You’re probably wondering what good are social media efforts when search engines deny any influence on ranking? But you should know, a strong social media marketing strategy does boost search engine results, apart from building awareness and a sense of trust. See what they can do for businesses.

Social media for businesses

Showcase products & services

The essence of social media is in its communities and groups. Often people subscribe to groups or business pages that are specific to a particular industry, or simply out of pure interest. A like or share of a particular product or service on that forum sends out a message to all. A social media advertising is one of the best tools to launch a product considering the scope for sharing visually engaging content, like animated micro-videos or compelling images.

Customer satisfaction

Social media is an open platform, a place where information is on display by anyone and everyone. Of course, what is meant to address a particular customer, can be addressed by all audience of that particular group. This is a great way to keep your customer service top notch. Customers struggling with certain product features can be addressed on a general platform, which ultimately keeps overall customer-satisfaction levels high.

User-generated content

It’s a fact that potential customers trust customers for product reviews versus all that’s been advertised by the brand themselves. Social media is a place where people develop connections based on interests. Having customers like your business page or getting them to share product reviews can be helpful to your potential audience. When potential customers see reviews posted and shared by users of your product or service, it certainly builds trust and ultimately has an impact on sales.

What does it demand?

Social media marketing is commonly misunderstood to be cool, casual and laid back. To a lot of people this may involve just informational shares and building your page likes. But for social media marketing to be successful, it calls for top-notch solid social media management. It takes time, effort and well-thought-out strategy, like a few below, to bring home the results.

Audience study

First on, it demands understanding of your target audience and knowing where your potential customers are. Are they active on social media? Find what channel would be most ideal to reach them? Study their lifestyles, interests, geographic locations and so on. No doubt that ‘likes’ are good for brand visibility, but a boost in quality likes, is ultimately what every business needs to stay afloat.

Quality content

With the deluge of content these days, and time for leisure almost extinct, it can’t be emphasized more, the importance of sharing quality content. Creativity is what can make your content stand out and convert those potential customers to long term clients. Creativity can be in the form of unique content, design and presentation. As a first impression, you might want it more than just ordinary. An effort to make your content captivating, informative and relevant can definitely keep you ahead of the competition.

A tab on audience pulse

Real-time. That’s where it all happens especially with an on-demand generation we’ve progressed to be. Everybody is programmed to expect their queries in an instant. A much realized need for effective social media management. Possible brand mentions, questions or shares will require you to dive right in to continue the conversation. You listening to your audience, gives them a good feel about what they can expect and helps negate any doubts or uncertainty in you as a seller. Moreover, just making a pitch at your potential customer’s point of need, when intrigued by your ad, or a genuine need for information can make all the difference. It’s important to know your product or service, in out and be spontaneous since what, how and the timing of what you say can influence thousands of potential customers.

What can Softway do for you?

Social media management

So, it’s not just posting content. Social media marketing is all about boosting engagement and making conversations. Buzzing conversations, brand mentions and events are constantly happening and rising steadily. . Keeping up with the trends spread across venues can be a labor-intense process and that’s where the challenge lies. And that’s exactly what Softway’s social media management experts are good at. Making it easy for you. We know where exactly those conversations happen and how you can make an impressive entry when they do. Being experts we stay on top of all the chatter, we know your unique selling points, understand your industry and audience and help you start conversations that matter.

Understand your objectives

Your company is unique and we get that. Softway’s social media advertising experts understand your company objectives and set realistic goals to tie them back to these objectives. That way, you have a goal-driven plan and not random content or strategies that are baseless.

Search-optimized content

We don’t just create fancy looking content, but well-researched content. What do we mean by that? We understand the power of keywords and search queries. With users searching for content on social media as much as they do on traditional search, it’s important to optimize your content. Softway’s keyword research experts can analyze social trending topics and help create content around those topics and also serves as a tool for better social media planning.

Design custom profiles

Yes, we are user-experience experts in the world of social media too! We know the common confusions and difficulties experienced by users and we’ll help you stay far away from them. We make sure users experience no confusion when searching for your brand. As experts in brand management, we ensure your social media business page is presented in line with the brand colors, logos besides being optimized with the right keywords. An impressive social media profile can in itself be a selling pitch or portfolio to many who are driven to your page. Softway’s designers can design a fun yet professional social media profile that speaks volumes about your work to your potential customers.

Design engaging campaigns

Staying on top of trending social topics gives us an edge with creating content around those events that get users attention and have the power of engagement. Softway’s in-house creatives are experts in designing social media campaigns that engage audience in the form on promo codes, e-coupons or contests. Running these campaigns can be prone to failures if not handled by the experts. Our social media experts have been on the platform since its launch and they can be instrumental in boosting your visibility and make you the talk of the town.

Social media analytics

Successful social media campaigns are backed with experts in social media analytics that have defined user behavior of target audiences. If not a pre-requisite, it’s the only way companies can measure performance of social ad campaigns and a way to ensure results are aligned to a brand’s objectives. While this can be done in-house, this requires expertise and dedicated team of professionals. At Softway, social media specialists, can help right from helping brands realize and define a clear cut list of marketing objectives to analyzing target audiences or user behavior on social media.

Whatever your needs may be, Softway, a social media marketing agency in Houston, offers a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. Something that could inspire you to give social media marketing a try is our portfolio of work. Check it out!

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