Use Vine videos to your video marketing advantage

New to Vine?

Why everybody’s talking about it.

Vine is an app acquired by Twitter that allows users to make six-second looping videos that are shared on top social media networks. If you’re looking for ways to engage with your audience, these six-second videos can be that magic wand, giving your branding a boost. They’re fun - creative, addictive and easily shared.

The magic of six-seconds for business

Text to images, images to videos and now videos to micro-videos. That’s the trend of marketing today. It’s simply but a reflection of user preferences and an answer that counters the dropping attention span. In this ‘instant’ world, where time is everything and more and more viewers moving online, marketing videos scream for a make-over. This is a challenge for most creative agencies, but where there is a challenge, creativity is inspired. At least for Softway Solutions, we love getting our creativity tickled.

Vine and what you can do with it

Educate as you entertain:

Vine is a creative strategic video designed to get to audiences before they experience an attention-snap. Most social media platforms have captivating vine clips that often have ordinary objects in motion, but you witness how a simple touch of creativity or animation can get an average of 10-20 views per viewer per session. Simply imagine if that were your product- the features you could showcase while you entertain! Softway’s vine video production experts can help you weigh your product features and create micro-videos that render justice to key product features in those six seconds.


Vine marketing can be a great way to tease audiences, run campaigns or roll out a countdown for new offers or product launches. What can be better than a visual representation of your product? Showcasing them in micro-videos can really highlight their unique features compelling audiences to know more while bringing in potential buyers or the right kind of traffic to your website. What you should take advantage of is Twitter’s acquisition of the Vine app that gives promotion factor a boost. One app that reaches audience on two platforms. Videos are not just shared with Vine audience, but have an added advantage of its reach on Twitter.

Engage audience:

This engagement factor gives the vine social network that edge over other regular networks. Marketing, today, is no longer defined by hard-selling. This video marketing strategy is effective mainly because of the scope that encourages user-generated content. It grants viewers control; viewers can choose to simply watch or participate via likes, comments and shares. It’s also a tool that you could use to listen to audience feedback and stories. Rolling out competitions, is a way of getting users to share their stories or pictures of your product they are satisfied with! These client testimonials have a huge influence on potential buyers. A simple use of a brand hashtag can be an answer to engagement, branding and marketing needs!

Why Softway?

Because Softway has its very own in-house influencers that have been on Vine since its very launch. Who better to consult than pioneers in Vine video production? Softway’s social media experts have a working rapport with some of the top influencers across industries apart from being renowned influencers themselves. We know exactly how vine can be optimized for business. With experience giving us an edge over other social media agencies, you can benefit from the skills we’ve acquired over the years and check out our creative vines to believe what’s possible!

We follow a well-tested process to ensure we’re successfully capturing all of your product features or brand story in those six seconds. Bring us your requirements, your ideas and our team of creatives will add on to them, delivering original storyboards that facilitate in making videos that are consistent with your brand.

Softway Solutions is a Houston-based agency, so all you need to do is contact us at and we’ll partner up to create some of the best vine videos that’ll will have your brand shared, liked and followed!

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