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Your successful business won't operate well without your website and your website won't operate without your server. Eastern Texas businesses that are serious about maintaining a web presence to bring in new customers, interact with existing customers and increase profits and revenue must be serious about their server configuration and that’s where Softway Solutions comes in.

The Complexities of Server Configuration

Your server is vital to your online operations. It's the digital box where all your website's files are stored, files like pictures, videos, text, font styles, menus and everything else people see when they access your site. It's also the machine that makes your website operate: when a user inputs their username and password, your server enables the interaction between that textbox and the database where their information is stored.

Softway Solutions is the industry leader for Houston server configuration expertise. Our highly skilled Internet engineers are incredibly adept at ensuring the safe transfer of that information. We protect against thieves and hackers, server outages and errant code and scripts.

Why Houston Server Configuration?

Our engineers provide high quality and professional service to businesses that require server configuration in Houston, including server setup, migration and recovery. It's our mission to give you an edge over your competitors by integrating useful tools and strategies into your online business model. We meld social media with your website to help you interact with customers like never before. In fact, since our engineers are experts at all major forms of server technology and database coding and scripting, we can invent new, successful methods of expanding your business. With all this innovation, your server will have to be updated, maintained and configured properly to handle the influx of traffic you will receive and we can do it!

What It Takes To Configure a Server

There are many aspects to keeping a server up and running. Your ability to maintain a safe Houston server that can handle a high volume of requests is paramount to increasing your profits and ROI.

  • SSH, SSL and DNS: It takes Softway Solutions coding experts to create an environment where your website is allowed to flourish without hiccups, and this includes ensuring your domain name servers align perfectly with your secure socket layer.
  • E-mail and database management: If you provide e-mail addresses for your website's users, each of those e-mails must be stored on your server in a specific database. An incorrect configuration could have your Houston clients without their e-mail account or login on your website.
  • Content management: Depending on your business, Softway Solutions can configure your Houston server to work with any number of content management systems like Joomla, Magento and Drupal. These CMS often form the backbone of how your website's content is displayed on the Web.
  • Shopping carts: All monetary transactions are secured through specially-designed server side software systems by Softway Solutions. We use encryption technology to prevent third parties from accessing your financial information. However, this intricate system is seen by your users as a beautiful, sleek and easy-to-use web application.

Call Softway Solutions' Houston server configuration today to find out how we can help grow your business.

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