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Understanding The Basics of Search Engine Marketing

Creative Marketing

When correctly utilized, search engine marketing attracts visitors motivated to make a purchase or sign up for a service. While search engine optimization methods raise a page's ranking in search results, SEM uses paid advertising positions instead. The sponsored links shown at the top of a results page on Google are an excellent example of a SEM technique. Since these ads cost money for each click, it is crucial to hire a professional Houston search engine marketing team to find the advertising opportunities that will produce the most results for your costs.

Forms of Search Engine Marketing

The world of SEM involves multiple forms of paid search engine placement. Most companies who offer a search engine marketing service will mostly focus on paid advertising and sponsored links. Social media marketing and advertising optimization for search rankings are also involved in this broad category of marketing. Paid advertising comes in the form of small text ads displayed on the sides or across the top of search engine results page. The ads feature certain keywords related to your website. When someone enters one of those phrases for a search, the search engine displays the ad. Creating an effective web ad campaign requires proper keyword research to make these ads appear at the right time.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Unlike placing a static ad on the page of a website, search engine ads dynamically appear during searches for certain keywords. Targeting these phrases allows you to only display your ads to searchers who are interested in your product or service. Placing ads on industry related websites targets these demographics as well, but searchers have greater purchasing motivation in most cases. Also, pay-per-click advertisements save money over static fee ads. You only pay for visitors interested enough in your website to click the link, instead of just the number of people who view it.

Comparing Search Engine Techniques with Other Marketing Tactics

Businesses that devote large budgets to offline marketing techniques also need search engine marketing integration. A properly designed campaign can cost less than $10 per new customer acquired, according to Nuanced Media, while direct emailing efforts could run as high as $50 per customer. The targeted ads and sponsored links purchased during this kind of marketing provide conversions at a lower overall cost.

Integrating Search Engine Optimization

While some companies lump SEO practices in with their SEM methods, the two use different methods for driving traffic. SEO creates natural traffic by helping the website appear high in search results without the need to pay specifically for the link to appear. Ads and sponsored links do come with fees, but they are guaranteed to appear for the right keywords. An expert search engine marketing consultant will use both methods together seamlessly. Softway Solutions creates multiple channels of new traffic to your website by combining all the best search engine techniques.

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