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When retail customers see a product online for the first time, something about it has to grab their attention immediately or they will click away. They will move on to other websites and select a product from a company who has convinced them they need it. Many times, it comes down to marketing and ease of the experience, not how the product stacks up against those offered by competitors.

We Understand Customers

At Softway Solutions, we understand today's retail organizations, however big or small, are challenged to cost-effectively represent their products in a crowded market. A well-designed website is a powerful way for retailers to showcase their products, but it's also easy for their message to be lost in a sea of marketing from thousands or millions of competitors. Our internet marketing efforts will help your message rise to the top.

We Improve Brands

A brand is an organism that lives and breathes. It changes every day in response to its environment and is always depending on the perceptions of customers. In fact, customers make decisions about products based on a brand, often never considering a product's true attributes. Therefore, it's in your company's best interest to give that organism the appropriate features, so you can influence audiences and shape their perceptions.

We Position Your Company Online

We encourage you to consider where customers should go to find retail product information upon reaching your website. How will you get them to focus on a specific product or line of products you offer? What will set your brand apart from other brands? With so many choices, the burden is on you to convince prospects you have the best value, the lowest price, the best product support, or some combination of factors.

We Build Marketing Strategies

We want to help you reach retail audiences effectively through intelligent website design and marketing strategies like micro-videos for social media sharing. This requires first employing a sky-is-the-limit brainstorming hat and then letting our team bring your marketing objectives back down to earth. Fortunately, our talented and passionate staff can handle everything from mobile app design to graphic design and video production. Our team also includes experts in business process automation and animation.

Contact us for more information about revamping your website and filling it with convincing content arranged for a convenient customer experience. We work on a project or hourly basis to fit your needs.

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