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Turnkey Radio Station Mobile Apps Will Keep Your Audience Connected

This off-the-shelf mobile application product can be released to the market quickly and managed in real-time. If your radio station is looking to engage your listeners 24-7 directly on their mobile device, this is the easiest and most cost-effective solution out there. Think of this relationship as a subscription service that you can manage yourself. We'll make sure your radio mobile application gets submitted to the application marketplaces and you will be given access to a content management system that allows you to make changes to the application content in real-time.

Let's get down to the features available to you and your listeners:

Contacts Made Easy - Fans can call, text a request, or e-mail your station quickly, right from the app. This is a great way to keep your fans connected.

Social Media Streaming - Keep fans up-to-date with your Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, websites and lots more!

Unique User Interface - Your app will have one heck of a WOW factor with a unique user interface that isn't a replication of the native phone elements.

Share Your Blog - Used as an RSS feed, you can keep your fans updated with your blog posts.

Fan Favorites - If your feed includes the artist + song details in what's called "meta-data," fans can favorite it by clicking on the star button and then they have the option to buy the song.

Web Streaming Audio - listening to audio can be made available through the browser Safari for users whose device isn't compatible

Share with Social Media - Fans can share your app to their friends on social media.

Images & Advertising - 6 customizable image slots and you can add advertising slots to sell to your advertisers.

Stream Your Way - We work with a variety of stream types: MP3, WAV, AIFC and even HEAAC V2 48kbps Stereo.

Monetize Your Images - Add rotating URLs to instantly connect them to whatever you want.

DJ Profiles - Add bios and images for your jockeys to give a personal touch to their on-air voice.

Event Calendar - Manage your station's event calendar including parking information, directions and more.

Set Alarms - Wake up to your favorite station or remind yourself to tune in during your workout.

Push Notifications - Schedule your push notifications and give your listeners the power to customize what they receive.

Icecast - Shoutcast - Live 365 - It doesn't matter which encoder you're using for either iOS and Android. We've got you covered!

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