User Experience - The Swiss Army Knife Of Product Development

At Softway Solutions, we focus intently on developing websites and applications that provide a seamless user experience. In the user experience (UX) process, we start with research and move to design and then development. We follow a careful process to understand your user's experience. Executing this process is like having a Swiss Army Knife on hand when you're creating products. We have many techniques and tactics ready to wield while discovering the right user experience for the product you are looking to create.

Here are some advantages of UX that we can offer your company:

Based On User Research

Our project team works together to conduct extensive user research, both primary and secondary research. UX design is a more educated and well thought out process than traditional graphic design. When all these elements integrate well in the end product, users are happy, and they want to come back for more.

Reflective Of The User’s Persona

We carefully analyze our user research to characterize the persona of different kinds of users who will visit your site. For your target market, there may be one persona, or there may be multiple personas. Our process is comprehensive, including interviewing potential users in the research and testing phases to keep our work consistent with the people your product needs to reach.

Compatible With Built-In Features

While we endeavor to understand what users want, we can also build in features for site management: web analytics, data tracking, eCommerce, and social media integration. We will consider, research, and understand these features on behalf of the users so they can effectively utilize the tools to make managing a website easy.

Construct And Test Goals With Prototypes

Testing phases are crucial in UX research and design. Everything we build into the site must reflect your project goals and accomplish them. With the proper planning, we can test the project goals on a small scale with live or staged users. Going through a prototype phase can be useful when launching a large-scale application or a new concept that your targeted user base isn’t familiar with.

Built On Feedback

User experience is a process that is never complete. As many internet entrepreneurs have learned, having an active and engrained following on the internet means your product needs to be responsive to the market trends and demands. Constantly collecting feedback and building on that feedback is the most important way to ensure your users are confident that your site is being optimized for their experience.

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