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Phone Tracking For a product or service to be successful, good marketing tactics must be in place. In today’s technology-filled world, there is no shortage of marketing strategies to launch your product or service and make it well-known within the community and potentially world-wide. However, it is crucial for you to know which channels you should market to in order to get the best return on your investment.

Softway Solutions, your Houston, Texas based website design specialists, can help you make sure you are getting the most “bang for your buck” by providing a range of analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. For many companies, phone call tracking is a missing part of their overall ROI analysis. Softway Solutions phone tracking provides the easiest way to improve your ROI by tracking phone calls to the advertising that generated the call.

What is Phone Tracking?

By using different phone numbers for different ads, you can measure customer response to different ads. This will provide you with more information and better data which will help you make better decisions regarding your media selections and marketing campaigns. Phone tracking options include:

  • Inbound call tracking: This form of tracking will measure the effectiveness of your ads, as each call is traced, tracked, and recorded. You can track information such as call duration, caller ID, call disposition (such as busy, hang-up, no answer).
  • Outbound call tracking: This method will make sure that your customers are satisfied and your employees are giving correct information. You can also measure productivity within your company.

What Can Phone Tracking Do for You?

Without the information phone tracking provides, you can’t measure many aspects of your phone traffic. And if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. With call tracking you can:

  • Learn where customers are calling you from
  • Track trends
  • Determine which ads generate the best leads or sales
  • Better manage your marketing budget by identifying your most profitable campaigns and eliminate the least profitable ones
  • Listen to call recordings
  • Identify possible problems

What Kinds of Companies Can Use Phone Tracking?

Any company that does any communicating by phone can benefit from phone tracking. Businesses currently using phone tracking successfully include:

  • Service providers
  • Direct response advertising companies
  • Sales companies
  • Medical and professional offices such as lawyers, dentists, and doctors
  • Cleaning companies
  • Business consultants and trainers
  • Home repair companies, painters, builders, landscapers
  • Auto dealers, repair and body shops
  • Insurance agents and agencies
  • Salons and spas
  • Magazine, newspaper, and telephone directory publishers
  • Advertising agencies

Let Softway Solutions be Your Phone Tracking Solution

The specialists at Softway Solutions can help you integrate phone tracking into your overall analytics strategy. Our professionals will assist you in obtaining the information you need to set, monitor, and reach your goals. As a leader in website design, Internet marketing, and multimedia in the Houston, Texas area since 2003, Softway Solutions has helped many businesses achieve success. Our consultants, programmers, and designers have earned a reputation for being among the best website and e-commerce design and development professionals in the region. Contact us today. We look forward to putting our knowledge and expertise at your service.

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