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Softway Solutions has built a reputation as one of the finest website design and e-commerce companies in the Houston, Texas area. Since 2003 we have been helping all kinds of companies develop and design solutions to promote their business and market their products and services online.

Your Business and E-Commerce

If you already have a website for your company, Softway Solutions can add e-commerce features that will allow you to better serve your existing customers as well as attract new ones. With so many businesses providing goods and services online today, if you do not offer these options or features on your site to your customers, you may lose them to your competitors who pose a better online presence. When you work with Softway Solutions, you can enhance your online presence by upgrading your site to support e-commerce transactions. This will allow your customers to make purchases at their convenience anytime, which will increase their satisfaction and your bottom line.

Our internet marking and e-commerce specialists will design your site with usability, stability, and security as top priorities. Your specially designed website will include everything you need to create and process orders, gather and store customer information, and manage your online product

selection and inventory. Our e-commerce solutions include:

  • customized layouts
  • shopping cart
  • sales statistics
  • customer account management
  • content management
  • ability to create unlimited pages and multiple layouts
  • discounts and gift certificates
  • technical support

Your Business and osCommerce

A very popular online store e-commerce program that our team offers is osCommerce. This program allows store owners to set up, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort. And because it is an open source solution, there are no license fees involved. In over 10 years of operation, osCommerce has built up a showcase of more than 12, 700 online shops. Its online community contains over 263,000 store owners, developers, service providers, and enthusiasts, who have developed thousands of free add-ons to customize online stores.

osCommerce contains both a catalog front end and an administration program for the back end, and these are very easily set up over the web. It employs the powerful and popular PHP web scripting language, the very stable Apache web server, and the efficient MySQL database server.

Your Business and Softway Solutions

No matter what size your company is, Softway Solutions can be your one-stop solution to meet your unique needs for website design and development, Internet marketing, and e-commerce needs. Our experienced consultants will review and analyze your requirements, and our highly skilled team of designers and programmers will work as an extension of your team to develop solutions targeted to your specific situation. Our service to customers in industries such as oil and gas, graphic design, health care, interior design, IT, and advertising have gained us an unmatched reputation in the Houston, Texas area.

No matter what your e-commerce needs are, we can help you attract new customers, improve your relationship with existing customers, and fulfill your business goals. Contact us today to see how our team can help your team succeed.

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