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It's no secret that mobile devices are quickly closing in on computers when it comes to functionality and popularity. This means that websites are being viewed on smartphones, tablets and others PDAs nearly as often as they are on traditional computers, if not more. Have you thought about what this means for your website? According to statistics, chances are that your site does not attract and retain mobile traffic as well as it could.

Houston based Softway Solutions can help you get a leg up in this changing environment. With the right mobile conversion plan for your site, you can lower your costs, increase productivity and boost revenue.

Should You Go Mobile?

Take a look at your conversion rates from mobile devices. If they are significantly lower than your conversions on regular computers, your site is most likely not doing a good job of holding its mobile viewers. This is probably because certain aspects of the site are not well adapted to the mobile interface, and your viewers cannot access what they need to truly appreciate your web site.

If you can, also consider how much time mobile viewers spend relative to PC viewers. If they leave more quickly, it may mean they've tired of trying to work with a site not optimized for their mobile device.

Softway Solutions Can Help

Going mobile involves weighing options and cutting back on unnecessary site details. With so many different mobile devices, it's important to put your site in the hands of someone who understands the variation between iPhones, Blackberries and the rest. Since your site will need to be scaled back to a degree, Softway Solutions will help you determine what parts of your site are most enticing to your audience, and which will be the most beneficial to your business.

Softway Solutions has a team of mobile application developers that is focused on bringing your site to people who demand an Internet that fits in their hand. Economy, efficiency and accessibility are always at the forefront of our mobile conversion projects.

With all the mobile devices out there today, it will be easy to see how great your site looks once optimized for smaller screens and condensed functionality!

Benefits of Mobile Optimization

Obviously, a website that is readily converted for mobile viewing will get and hold more traffic. But what about the less obvious benefits? People who use mobile devices tend to live at a faster pace than those using primarily stationary computers. It's thought that they are three times more likely to make online purchases within 24 hours of viewing a site.

As technology grows and users become more mobile, hand held devices are going to overtake the use of regular computers, whether they are desktop bound or an on-the-go laptop. Houston based Softway Solutions wants to help you stay at the head of the pack when it comes to doing business online and wants to help your company go mobile to stay with the current trend. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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