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Mobile Design Smartphones and handheld PCs and tablets are the wave of the future, so let Softway Solutions help your business get on board and connected. We can turn any Houston business website into a sleek, easy-to-navigate mobile website that will expand your audience while giving your current viewers a new way to interact.

With mobile design in Houston, you can take advantage of the newest technology in an exciting way, whether you're a local restaurant or business, a blog with a dedicated following or a large corporation looking for an efficient way for your employees to communicate with each other.

Houston Mobile Design Possibilities

Today's mobile technology is constantly evolving. You can convert your existing website into a mobile-friendly version for iPhone or Android customers, or you can create apps that your customers, readers or employees can install directly onto their devices.

  • Mobile website design: We will use all the content that exists on your main website and use it in a layout that plays well with the smaller touchscreen nature of mobile devices. Our web designers can create an environment on your website that detects what kind of device your customers are using and displays a page specially designed for that particular device.
  • App development: Though more involved, developing an app is superior to website redesign because your users will always have the app with them on their phone. If they can access your restaurant's menu, your company's hours and contact information, and your latest blog post right from their phone's home screen, you will drastically increase their rate of return and the rate of your revenue.
  • Employee intranet: The Softway Solutions web engineers can build an efficient way for your employees to communicate between departments or individual employees using their phones in a more secure way than texting. With a handheld mobile design in Houston, you can bring your entire company together to work for the common goal of raising your financial bottom line, all at the touch of a finger.

The Evolution of Mobility Since our Softway Solutions engineers and software architects are so plugged into newest technologies and trends, you'll always stay ahead of the curve. We can meld your social media identities from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with your Houston mobile design, giving you and your customers an extra level of interactivity that's good for business.

Softway Solutions and You

When you begin a project at Softway Solutions, you instantly become part of our expert team. Your opinions and ideas are what guide our professional web designers, programmers and business administrators to work toward the common goal of completing your project. We also keep your Houston mobile design within realistic time limits and under budget. Call a Softway Solutions program manager today to learn how we can create Flash and 3D animations, interactive apps and games, and even a full website redesign to keep you ahead of your competition.

We're a homegrown Houston business, and we're committed to helping Houston businesses succeed by creating cutting-edge Houston mobile designs.

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