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Softway Solutions specializes in custom digital integrations but acquiring turnkey fan engagement applications for the sports and radio industries sounded like too much fun to pass up on. In late 2013, we started on a new path to start our own research and development team to create Softway branded products. As the job descriptions were being posted, an opportunity to acquire the sports and radio application products from Onseeker Technologies presented itself. Today we strategize and tomorrow we will grow these products into industry game-changers.

Immerse Your Brand in the Hands of Your Fans

Both the sports and radio platforms can be turned on for your fans in a limited amount of time. Easy to manage with a content management system, you can harness the power of mobile from a web-based platform to make real-time updates to content. We manage the software programming and any necessary bug fixing. Our subscription based service also includes the hosting to keep your platform turned-on so your followers can be tuned-in whenever it's convenient for them.

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