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Softway Solutions is a dynamic Houston based Software Development organization focusing on Object Oriented technologies, specializing in the provision of the highest quality Java and J2EE application development & programming services.

Over the years, Softway Solutions has built up a repository of knowledge and experience in Java and J2EE application development & programming services, which we bring to bear on all our projects.

Softway Solutions provides design and development services that can utilize efficiently the services available from Java application servers and the J2EE framework, including Struts, Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), Java's Messaging Services and JDBC.

Java Application Services:

Web Services

Softway Solutions develops active web-applications using various application servers and web-containers.Softway Solutions java development team implement J2EE for our client's custom application development needs and provide platform independence which helps in developing cross-platform portable solutions.

Enterprise Software Services

Our Houston based java development team can develop complex enterprise-scale software solutions and e-business applications based on the J2EE platform. Our java programmers design multi-tier software solutions that support a service-oriented architecture. The availability of consulting/programming skills in different development platforms, including Java, PHP and .Net, gives Softway Solutions the flexibility to select the right technologies for diverse software components.

Java Desktop Services

Softway Solutions java programmers use up-to-date Java tools to develop multi-platform desktop applications and enrich client solutions. Softway Solutions develop user interfaces that have advanced graphics and maintain brand-identity of the software products.

Softway Solutions technical expertise includes:

J2EE & J2EE Design Patterns

Our Java development team uses Web Services very successfully to provide sleek integration interfaces in many assignments for our clients. The Web Service middle tier technology has enabled Softway Solutions to make various technically distinct softwares to communicate with each other.

JDBC, SQL server (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgeSQL)

Softway Solutions has worked with different Data Base Management Systems - from MySQL and PostgeSQL, to Oracle and MS SQL. It is difficult to imagine a complicated application without an enterprise database and Softway Solutions excels in these areas of expertise.


Softway Solutions uses this platform to provide a convenient and flexible environment for applications running on hand held devices such as mobile phones or PDAs. Our Java Developers at Softway Solutions also build basic MIDP applications (MIDlets) and incorporate enhanced multi-media into MIDP-based applications.

JSP & Struts

Softway Solutions java development team has rich experience in JSP and Struts and implement these for development of web based and eCommerce applications. Softway Solutions also implements AJAX with the same to bring richness in the front end.

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)

Softway Solutions java developers implement Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) to develop n-tier database and legacy connectivity solutions for Web applications, Java APIs and Java Database connectivity solutions.

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