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Investor Presentation Design services for Inventors and Start up businesses.

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Investor Presentations are used to introduce your business opportunity to potential clients, investors, partners, or employees. Softway Solutions a Houston based Investor Presentation design Company helps you create professional Investor Presentations that will have a positive impact on your target audience. Our Investor Presentation team in Houston, Texas, works with you to craft a “pitch” that communicates the most potent aspects of your business and investment opportunity and communicate the company objective and value proposition.

Our Investor Presentation experts have in-depth, practical, real-world business planning experience and develop unique business models and prototypes of software. This process involves forming strategic partnerships with our clients, a process which helps us best understand your business and therefore enables us to make sure your Investor Presentations will fetch you the desired results. Softway has vast experience in creating such type of investor presentations and have helped clients raise millions of dollars in funding.

Our Houston based Investor presentation team can show you how your business plan on paper would look like in real life with the help of 3D Animations and models. Once you are ready to bring your idea to life Softway Solutions can help you create 3d prototypes and make it available in a presentation format.

Our Approach :

Market Need and Business Model

  • Our Investor presentation team will define the problem or the market need/demand.
  • Define your companies’ response and solution to solve the problem.

Industry & Market Overview

  • Define the characteristics of the overall industry, market forces, market dynamics, and customer landscape and our Investor Presentation team will help the investor to understand the company objective.

Product & Services Overview

  • Our Investor Presentation experts will clearly describe your line of products and/or services to the potential investors and make sure to communicate the relevance of your product / services to market needs

Benchmark for Growth & Additional Funding

  • How growth measured and what are the company's milestones, short-term goals, long-term goals, and marketing strategy?
  • How much money (if any) has management put into the venture?
  • What stage of funding is the company currently in?
  • What is the planned exit strategy
  • What is the timeframe for the exit?

Financial Forecast

  • What is the current valuation of the company?
  • Describe the financial status of the company (past three years - if possible).
  • Describe the financial forecast of the company (next three years).

Funding Requirements

  • What is the level of capital funding sought during this stage?
  • What is the company willing to give in return for the investment?
  • What is the timeframe of return on investment?
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