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Softway Solutions has mastered the art of interactive web design. We have created professional and engaging websites for hundreds of customers since our inception in 2003. Our team has the skills to use a variety of coding techniques to create a work of art that is easy for customers to use.

Many interactive websites sacrifice usability in the search for uniqueness, but all of our work combines the best methods for engaging visitors with streamlined navigation systems. Our technicians also consider the Internet connection speed of your visitors to ensure no one experiences a long wait for your interactive website to load.

Silverlight Integration

Silverlight is a special application designed by Microsoft that integrates easily into all of the major browsers. This application allows for revolutionary levels of interactivity on any website. Our programming team can create or adapt programs for this framework to handle nearly any interactive task your users might want. Special games or other features will work exactly the same for all visitors regardless of the browser they are using, and the highest quality videos can be embedded for top streaming speeds. Visitors will also be unable to copy images or videos from your website because Silverlight features secure copy-protection.

Flash Websites

Flash has been the standard framework used for interactive websites over the past five years. A website that uses Flash correctly can display videos, images, animations, games and navigation systems without slowing down the user's computer. Our team can utilize the power of Adobe's Flash system to build augmented reality experiences, games that go viral or training presentations that test users as they work through it. Even if you only need a simple website with your company's information, an interactive navigation menu or animated logo is easy to add with this system.

Flex Programming

Flex programming scripts mostly work below the surface of your website. While this type of programming from Softway Solutions isn't as visible as Flash animations, building a framework with Flex scripts can make your entire website run smoother and faster. You can also add in-depth interactivity by creating user data storage options. Imagine creating an area on your website where users can contact your service team through video chat or share their information with others. Flex programming can integrate into websites using Flash or Silverlight for the visual effects and add new layers of interactivity without long loading times.

ActionScript Programming

ActionScript is one of the most flexible programming systems currently available. Softway Solutions can combine the power of ActionScripts with the beauty of Flash to create practically any application your business could need. We have built custom video conferencing systems for corporations who needed specific features, and we have designed hundreds of portfolios and sales presentations with this system as well.

If you aren't sure which system would best fit your needs, contact our web development team to discuss the nearly limitless options for interactive web design. A dedicated manager will help you create a one of a kind website that all visitors can enjoy.

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