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Developing your website for effective inbound marketing is another way we assist clients in our Houston-based digital media agency. In our experience, clients in the Healthcare Industry need either highly targeted messages that represent the vast services they offer or specialized messages to represent their work in a narrow sector of healthcare. Either requirement and every project in between requires our team to analyze a company in-depth and grasp its ethos. At Softway Solutions, we enjoy this creative challenge, and we're prepared to create everything from social media content to graphic design projects for your healthcare marketing needs.

Website Design

Whenever customers and prospects visit a website, they have a short window of time in which to click and consume content. They seek appropriate features that help them conduct transactions with your company. Healthcare customers may also be under a lot of pressure to make decisions and have little time or inclination to read in-depth materials. They need a company who understands them. We help you create that seamless user experience for your valued customers.

Product Examples

Say, for example, a patient needs to download a product guide on a CPAP machine on your site. We will can create an electronic document portal that is also accessible on mobile devices for a lighter read. If your patients would benefit from an informational video before deciding to join a clinical trial, our video production team will conceive the entire project for you, from start to finish. Everything you place on your website, including guides and videos, must be meaningful and consistent with your brand.

User Considerations

At Softway Solutions, we know your company information must be artfully arranged to rapidly offer users content through a few clicks. This requires a careful process of creating appropriate navigation and arrangement of content. It also requires choosing everything from mobile apps to product videos to communicate a message. Each marketing message you need to convey will require studying how users could best receive your message. With our expertise on your side, sending reliable and effective messages to audiences is simple.

Choose us to analyze your website and suggest ways to improve your healthcare marketing. We work on other IT projects as well, including building a mobile app and revamping your business process automation. Get started today!

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