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Let’s face it, Facebook has come to be a part of people's lives. This social networking service has evolved easily to stand at par with the electronic mail. For many across the globe, checking their Facebook newsfeed, has become an addictive routine making emails a secondary source of information. In knowing that majority or your target audiences are on Facebook, then why not reach them there? Selling on Facebook is ideal considering it is a platform where audiences are looking for news, offers and reviews in leisure.

A successful social media branding strategy is backed with creative ways to engage with audiences and gain visibility. Facebook advertising is a great tool for companies to showcase their products and build a loyal following. Often much effort is spent on brands spamming customers that don’t want to be contacted, whereas here, the choice is a click away.

Social media search engines are gaining popularity. People use them to look up companies as much as they do for people. Audiences can receive constant updates with what’s new, by simply liking a company’s business page. While your brand has the chance to get better visibility, you are simultaneously getting optimized for search. Advertising on Facebook can help you build and grow long lasting relationships with your clients. A two-way communication that not only allows you to share your information but also receive feedback and gauge insights on how users interact with your brand. This organic user-generated content includes testimonials that are almost always influential and powerful in converting potential customers to clients.

Use to your advantage Softway’s expertise in Facebook management and optimize conversions, user- engagement and build a following. See what we can do for you.


Profile optimization:

Your Facebook business page says a lot about your company. When clients or potential customers look you up, you need to set a friendly yet professional tone, active and enthusiastic appeal and most importantly be creative. What words you choose to describe your company, need to be strategically thoughtful and presented. Softway’s social media consultants offer not just a flashy Facebook business page, but we’re an agency with services that are thought of strategically. Our expertise in keyword research and user-experience makes optimization a matter of play and navigation between your website and Facebook page seamless. This way you have a cohesive profile that is impressive, compelling and one that does justice in representing your business or company.

Research & competitive analysis:

The success of a marketing plan is having a well-thought out strategy that is aligned to overall business goals. At Softway, we want to make sure we really get to the core of your business and gain understanding of your overall goals. We don’t want to create strategies that work against these goals in anyway. We look at your target audience, where they are concentrated and the best ways to engage with them. Once we gain insights on the overall goals, we design effective marketing strategies on Facebook that have these two factors integrated. Not only does research and competitive expertise help you define smarter goals, they clearly are a step towards your overall goal achievement.

Strategy & schedule:

Facebook marketing can include a hectic posting schedule. At a social media agency like Softway, we work to keep things simple, organized and yet flexible. We ensure, that our posting schedule is in line with the marketing strategy and we don’t go overboard when it comes to posting. We study user- post engagement, based off which schedules of posts are drafted and optimized based on timing and frequency. Our social media experts keeps these schedules in a simple to understand way, so your business knows what exactly is planned for the month and what to expect. This way your company is always ready with strategic content and a plan of action well ahead of time.

Implementation & monitoring:

Actually having your posts or ads deployed or implemented, can be a time consuming process. Posting content alone won’t do. Our specialists in social media know where the right audience is and how exactly to engage with those users. We ensure to monitor posts and identify what can be optimized as a paid ad. We suggest possible benefits that are insights based off constant monitoring. In handling your Facebook ads for you, we give you time to focus on other critical initiatives.

Analysis & reporting:

So are your marketing efforts bringing in results? This is where we provide you with a detailed analysis that measures results against goals. Were the implemented marketing plans able to boost engagement or presence? This analysis reporting can give you insights into what worked and what needs to be tweaked for a better performance. What were the ads that got you the clicks? The type of audience that responded, their locations, gender and age. Reporting can give you details that can help you make better decisions on your upcoming marketing efforts.

Facebook for business is more than just sharing a post. It offers a whole range of features that can be optimized for marketing. All you need to do is consult with us. We’re a top social media company in Houston that can optimize your business page, create visually engaging content and effectively manage your content in-line with Facebook recommendations.

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