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You've probably heard that you need to have a Facebook marketing consultant to customize Facebook Fan Page as part of your marketing strategy. End users not only believe a company should have a presence but that they should also interact with its consumers via social media. We all know Facebook can be an incredible marketing resource and creating a Facebook fan page could potentially increase awareness and convert new customers to your products.

Well the good news is that while it is true that Facebook is an incredible resource, there are hundreds of companies, maybe even your competitors, creating Facebook fan pages in the same hopes of tapping into this resource. What do you have to distinguish yourself from your competitors? You try to stand apart from the crowd. Just like a professionally designed and developed website makes you stand out from your competition; the same rule applies on Facebook as there are more than 400 million active users.

With that to say, there are a few things that can be done to your Facebook business page to make it stand out. One of these includes a custom Facebook application, which can then be turned into a Facebook tab and made the default landing page for your new Facebook and made the default landing page for your new Facebook fans are using it! Awesome!

Enabling richer, standards-based Web Applications

Having a customized, professionally designed presentation on Facebook can put you way ahead of your competition by utilizing its unique cutting-edge marketing capabilities

  • Facebook Fan page makes all of your page content Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, more dynamic and viral.
  • Facebook gives you access to millions of potential new customers
  • Get input on how your company is perceived by your customers.
  • Communicate with folks who use your products and services and get valuable feedback
  • Formulate and execute new product campaigns online
  • Create Instant alerts and notify everyone of special offers, events, and discounts
  • Custom tabs & pages made just for your business
  • Drive new traffic to your website through your fan page
  • Features Traffic/Visitor Stats ("Insights")
  • Import your website blog into your notes
  • Create a long-lasting relationship with clients while creating an interactive community with them
  • Use one or many administrators to help you update and interact with your customers

How Softway Can Work with You

With Modern Communications Technology, Location is Not an Issue - Through use of the Internet, email and file transfer protocols (FTP), communications across the nation or the world is easier and even more economical than ever before. Materials such as text, images and documents can be sent in seconds anywhere, at any time. Reviews and edits can be done and changes implemented in minutes.

Remote Project Management Works In Cyberspace – Using the latest in technology such as project management and remote server software, all over the US without leaving their offices. Still you will think that you are their only account.

Your Dedicated Account Representative is also Your Project Manager - You need only deal your dedicated project manager for all issues. With a "can do’ attitude, your Softway project manager will demystify "techie" talk and work miracles to get your project completed on time, on budget and exceeding your customer expectations.

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