The Essentials of Enterprise Mobile Strategy Development

Today's consumers are increasingly connected to their brands, usually through some combination of mobile devices. It's important for your company to imagine the infinite possibilities of interacting with mobile customers according to their diverse preferences. They are the drivers of your business model. From building your mobile site to creating custom mobile apps for customers and employees to use, Softway Solutions wants to help. Consult us on the best direction for your mobile strategy. We've got the expertise and collaborative process ready to help you fully understand what users need in terms of mobile technology.

Mobile Business Environment Analysis

We can work with you to do a comprehensive analysis of your current strategy. We ask what works and what doesn't work in your existing environment. You tell us your present needs and vision for the future. Then, we develop a mobile strategy, or a map of solutions we can build to meet your vision. Working in a lifecycle mentality, we can start building mobile solutions with the most value-added product and then we reevaluate the needs after a proper analysis of the first product.

Continuous Strategy Consulting

How do you know that your mobile strategy is working and that your implementations are achieving your goals? Knowing how to measure the success and tracking that success is built into our strategy consulting. We can work with you to determine the key performance indicators to guide our strategy. We can also take the measurement and analysis off your shoulders so we are reporting to you the success of our solutions.

User Response Testing

We want to maximize the extent to which your company is understanding your users. When it comes to User Acceptance, we are "testing" what works and abandoning what doesn't. From an enterprise perspective, this might involve conducting focus groups or preparing an exclusive beta release to select members of your target market. Specific consumers can tell us whether something will work, and then we can decide whether their feedback is generalizable to the entire market.

Release Management

After completing the design and development for the mobile solution, releasing the product can come with complications for the organization. A mobile app will only be useful if it works in the hands of users, wins their loyalty, and increases their interaction with your company. We call it release management. Essentially, you're throwing out the fish, so mobile customers can catch them. We can help you with communicating to the users how to interact for the first time and understanding your IT infrastructure constraints that could cause access issues.

It would be our privilege to help you prepare a new mobile strategy. Consult with us, and we will gladly analyze your existing system architecture to determine the best mobile solutions. Once your mobile site and apps have reached the market, your company will be able to better serve customers wherever they are.

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