Motivating Learners Through Mobile Learning

What's a proven way to get students excited about learning? At Softway Solutions, we have found a strong option to be the educational mobile app. Using a cell phone, an iPad, a laptop, or another mobile device, users can explore the many dimensions of your organization and gain knowledge without changing their busy lifestyles.

Sharing Our Passion

We are passionate about building educational mobile apps for the future. That's why we've turned our creative energies to developing custom apps for our clients. We want to help your organization take learning to a new level through a custom app!

Exploring New Territory

Our new focus on growing as a custom educational mobile app programming company builds on our years of developing eLearning solutions for many satisfied clients. By this, we mean everything from browser-based courses for professional certification to educational videos viewable on any Internet-linked device. Let's discuss the details of your next project and start working together today.

Getting the Job Done Right

In the past, our IT team has developed products like eBooks, games, simulations, interactive testing tools, and corporate training content. Every product we build for the education sector is easy to equip with detailed analytics, which provide valuable insights about users and internal business activities. Analytics reports, for example, can help you decide if your web content strategy is working or if you need to change it up to better respond to consumer needs.

Understanding Diverse Audiences

Like any profit-minded business, an educational organization can only stay relevant if people want to keep learning through their affiliation with it. If your organization needs to interact more effectively with students, we are your educational mobile app development company of choice. We will gladly provide free information on how we build educational mobile apps and we would love to speak with you about how your audience will work with mobile. Our goal is to enhance learning in your organization.

Daring to Be Different

We are not here to create your app and close the sale. We want to ensure your students and other users are happy with your educational app. They should use it often and make meaning from their user experience. We've learned that an educational app with little meaning or utility is already irrelevant. Count on our IT team of developers and designers to ensure user experience design for the educational mobile app is considered at every stage of the project.

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