Learning Management System Development

Harnessing Human Capital

Top leaders of companies, government agencies, and nonprofits recognize the greatest capital within their organizations exists in the minds of the employees. In fact, today's managers spend many hours of their workday planning how to manage human capital strategically, such as by helping employees become more engaged in their work and achieve maximum efficiency. If employees aren't supported in their jobs with appropriate opportunities for knowledge and skill development, they will not give their best contribution or stay with the organization in the long term.

Softway aims to help all kinds of organizations in the Houston area build more capacity and raise overall productivity by providing high-quality custom LMS Development. We build custom applications Houston employers use to teach employees skills essential to job success.

Building on Our Experience

For years, Softway has honed the craft of building custom eLearning software. We have provided many applications, from interactive games and simulations to entire courses that help employees obtain professional certifications and other skills. We build these applications one at a time, using a methodical approach that involves closely working with the company's leadership to understand its training needs. Custom LMS development can produce a powerful, browser-based training system that employees can access from any device that connects to the Internet.

Putting Priorities on Top

Our LMS programming company takes the relationship with each client seriously, leaving nothing to chance. When you hire our firm to develop custom applications, especially in the area of learning management system software development, we will help you focus on what you really need to build capacity. Without effective dialogue and a clear understanding of the priorities for the HTML5 learning management system or another LMS system, your organization could waste valuable IT dollars. We want to help you avoid investing in a system that is outdated as soon as it is rolled out to your staff.

Helping Users Be Effective

Once we understand the goals of your LMS system and establish a project budget, we will use our creative talents to see the project through to the end, ensuring your satisfaction with the end result. We will ensure your employees get the best learning application by focusing on user experience design for learning management systems.

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