Creative marketing

Creative Marketing

As Softway Solutions, we like to always emphasis the need for creative marketing, and not necessarily what charts, graphs and studies show about marketing. Effective marketing is working to connect with your target market with your brand identity and to make an impression with your brand. By being creative, you can show customers a bit of your company’s personality and still be professional.

Softway Solutions is the largest advertising firm in Houston, Texas and strives to help businesses succeed in their advertising and marketing endeavors. Being creative at times can help your brand to connect with your market and create something memorable that may jumpstart a campaign. Softway Solutions can help with that jumpstart and get your company pointed in the right direction.

The Benefits of Creative Marketing

Our staff prides itself on thinking outside the box and enjoys brainstorming creative marketing strategies. There are several big hurdles in marketing to jump over and consumers are inundated by a barrage of advertisements. Sometimes you have to get creative for effective marketing. Even if a majority of your campaigns are somewhat straight-laced but classy and effective, incorporating something unexpected can help to rejuvenate the brand. And if your brand is usually loose and whacky, then doing something interactive with it could be a creative move.

With the Internet offering more chances for interactivity with your consumer base, creative media marketing can be highly effective. It could be as simple as making sure your blog is somewhat humorous or offering simple facts through your website that may or may not have anything to do with your product or service. Snapple has made fun facts synonymous with their brand and that’s what creative marketing is.

Creative and Effective Marketing Examples

Whether it’s a contest for a better price or a contest for something your company doesn’t offer, contests can be a highly effective way to creatively market. Not only does it reward your customers, it brings in a level of interactivity. Your participants could do something like take a picture to win. Contests are also good ways to cross-promote with other companies.

Blogs and Forums:
Being creative with your blog or forum are great examples of creative marketing strategies. Get people talking and make your blog entertaining, not just informative. Interactivity offers endless chances to get creative with your consumer base.

Social Media:
Social media is a highly effective marketing platform. And it is also a great way to show some of your more personal side. It might be a good idea to post a song, pictures and videos on the page or others’ page. Keep it in reason, but there are creative marketing strategies to make your brand more memorable.

Softway Solutions marketing consultants are always looking for new and inventive ways to best help market your company. We’d love to help you with a creative ad campaign and become the next big brand to use such creative marketing methods. Let us help get the most out of your campaigns by brainstorming some creative marketing ideas with you.

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