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As anyone in the video business knows, the critical factor in any production is the people. The folks at Houston video production and editing company are smart, creative, technically sophisticated, and a pleasure to work with.

Our Houston based video production and editing company is very affluent in scripting, lighting, directing, staging, video editing, audio editing, voice over and duplication.

Our video production and editing company based at Houston follow procedures and advanced methods to meet your needs for a successful professional audio and video production. Our Houston based team can also handle the design and duplication of CD, DVD, VHS and USB pens including printing, packaging and distribution.

Video services:

  • Improving video quality in terms of colors and brightness
  • Removing unwanted scenes
  • Adding titles / subtitles
  • Special effects
  • Improving sound quality
  • Trade Show & Convention Presentations
  • Safety Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • Viral Videos
  • Looped video tapes
  • Big Screen Video & Computer Data Projection
  • SD to HD
  • Video to Film look
  • Special FX and compositing Internet Flash
  • H.24 HD Video Streaming
  • 2D and 3D titling
  • Rotoscoping and color keying
  • Tracking and matte keying image color processing
  • CD & DVD covers and Box design

Our Work and services:

Our specialized multimedia editors at Houston have worked on major projects for the oil companies like Shell, Enduro, and Nabors which included.

  • Company Profiles
  • Internal Presentations
  • New Employee Induction videos
  • Product Launch videos
  • Industrial Safety videos
  • Business Presentations
  • Campus Recruitment videos
  • Training videos
  • Event Curtain Raisers

Streaming Video for Web Sites

Color keying, animated backgrounds, color corrections, editing and composing of the characters and audio editing have been done for our major sites like Urlabel, Holdmymemories, and Mr.Pickle.

Channel Promos and Show Packaging

Our Houston based Multimedia Company has conceived and produced numerous promotions for television and leading websites.

Multi-camera coverage of Events

Our video production and editing company which is at Houston has experience in designing and erecting backdrops and stages for Music concerts, Fashion shows, Product launches and corporate events.

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