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If you build it, they will come. That's the mindset of many people working in the construction industry who want to create something useful for people's enjoyment. With internet marketing and software development, sometimes you have to show people where to look. We want to help you communicate your passion for for your construction company by development digital products for your customers and employees. We will help you make concrete connections with diverse audiences.

Tell a Story

You might not know where to start in upping your online marketing game to better reach consumers at their point of contact. Let's say, for example, you want to highlight the new projects you are developing for current clients. You might serve customers in a specific geographic area or tackle projects in diverse locations. Either scenario would require telling a story. If you need a web tutorial customers can download and view to inspect their roofs for damage, we could handle it for you. Posting it online is convenient for customers and allows you to influence their approach to the problem keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Build a Bridge

Building a bridge is a major construction project that would involve participation by multiple construction companies. They might need to build a common message to demonstrate their project through a channel such as social media. A micro-video highlighting the scope of the project and the complex phases involved would educate audiences in a rapid way. A micro-video, whether live action or animated, is a powerful means of telling a story. We have a full video production team ready to showcase your construction projects.

Integrate Content

Whether you are developing web tutorials or micro-videos to represent your construction capabilities, it has to be organized effectively on your website. We love to review our client websites and help them understand how to transform it. Users want easy navigation and content at their fingertips in one, two, or three clicks. They want to read information and use features and apps that increase their brand knowledge through minimal effort. Let our project consultants understand your project. It doesn't matter if you need assistance with one application or need to build a new marketing strategy.

Consult Softway Solutions for how best to highlight progress on your construction activities. We also have experts in business process automation and graphic design services.

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