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Caricature is a pictorial representation in which the subject's distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated or distorted to produce a comic or grotesque effect. Caricatures are an excellent way to add fun to any event or gathering, can be used as gifts and also are attention grabbers.

Softway Solutions a Houston based Caricature Design and Animation Company which strive to offer new and different Caricature illustration and Animation for the corporate world. We create large detailed caricatures from photos and the information about the themes & work provided by our clients.

They are also outstanding ways to promote a product or draw attention to your company at trade shows and events. Caricature Designs are wonderful gifts. If you have a person to honor, we can draw your special person or persons from photos and customize it exactly to fit their personality. Our Caricature animators provide animated caricatures for presentations, web sites, e-cards, desktop, advertisements, trade shows and more.

Softway Solutions Caricature Design and Animation services:

Custom Caricature Illustration, Cartooning

Caricatures are attention grabbers. Caricatures are great to be used as an avatar, mascot, or a logo-mark for a company or website. Sometimes, Caricatures can look better than the person in real life.

Our caricature illustrators create the initial artwork for you and will customize it to be used for any medium and any environment. They can be embroidered, silk screened, carved or printed in many different ways. We come up with innovative ways to make it work for you. You can have the same image used on mouse pads, coffee cups, t-shirts, bumper stickers, hats, business cards, wedding cards and more.

Digital and Vector Imagery

We create digital vector caricature illustrations. These can be resized to any extend without getting jagged or pixelated. Digital vector caricature gives your brochures, graphic design materials and other publications both credibility and a professional edge.

Animated Caricature Art

Our 3D animators add motion to a caricature which literally brings it to life. Colorful caricatures can be used on your web site, desktop or id room. They can be created in GIF or SWF formats. SWF files can have sound as well. Electronic greeting tools can also be created this way. We match the electronic files with the printed and hand drawn art. Having the same fun-filled style of cartoon imagery on your company web site, Business cards, party collateral corporate gifts, signage and t-shirts shows you are aware of the value of brand. We can do it all for you.

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