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The success of many training courses not only depends on the trainer imparting the training, but also the material used in conjunction. In class training can be imparted utilizing regular text based Power Point presentations, but being able to add graphical reference material with 3D animations, Flash presentations etc. emulating the safety hazards and procedures add definite value to the training process. It is scientifically and statistically proven that training programs that utilizes such visual aid for training have been much more successful and students learn and understand the subject matter more effectively.

Softway Solutions and their Training presentation team in Houston, are experts in creating and helping our clients create more attention grabbing and interesting presentations used within their training programs. Our Team utilizes the use of 3D animations, Illustrations, Flash presentations, 3D cutaways, Voice over, videos and interactive applications to make the training more intuitive and interesting.

Some common applications of such training presentations are for representing hazards that must be avoided. For example – it might be very difficult for a student or employee to visualize an accident, but representing an animation to show how the accident could occur and what the consequences of the hazard are helps the trainees to understand it and avoid it. Verbally describing a hazard or accident might not be as effective. Softway Solutions Training Presentations team in Houston, can help by creating characters and emulate an accident in 3D animation that may result in an explosion without really hurting anyone.

Types of Presentation we make at Houston based Softway Solutions, Inc.

Depending on the requirement of the client our team at Houston creates presentations using PowerPoint, flash, and 3D. These technologies are used in

  • Employee Training and Teaching presentations
  • Human Resources and Training Presentations
  • General Business Presentations
  • Safety Training and Teaching Presentations

Advantages working with Our Training Presentations Company at Houston:

  • You will be well prepared as we deliver on time.
  • The user friendly presentation will be easy to prepare and you will feel comfortable.
  • Our designing team is focused and stick to your presentation plan.
  • Prepare clear and concise material.
  • Use lots of graphics and enhance the presentation to entertain the audience.
  • Our designing team makes sure your material is appropriate to your audience.
  • Starts and Ends on time.
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