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The Brochures are used as an effective medium to communicate the companies profile, products and services whether the business is big or small. A good brochure design can help a business represent themselves well with their customers and goes a long way leaving a lasting impression with the customer. Our Houston based Brochure and Catalog designers have extensive experience designing brochures for companies from various industries to help portray their vision, products and services. Our company has worked with clients from industries ranging from the Oil and Gas, Health Care, Marketing and Advertising etc.

Our brochure design team at Houston offers creative design solutions for your advertisements, promotional literature and website to leverage your brand and in creating a distinct position in the minds of your target audience. Irrespective of what business you are in.

Different Styles of Brochures include:

One Page Corporate Brochure Design:

These are one page brochures that can be one sided or double sided and are easy to hand out with another package and are also cost effective to put together.

Tri-Fold Brochures:

They are most common brochures which are thin and convenient to carry. These Tri-Fold Brochures are designed to maximize the utilization of space and can also include a pocket to insert more literature. We have commonly put the facility to slip in a business card with in such type of brochures. Let our Houston design team help you design your next Tri-Fold Brochure.

Bi-Fold Brochures:

The folding has 4 panels, a front-cover, a back-cover and two internal panels. They are more formal than tri-fold brochures, and are intended for product presentations, catalogues, institutional introductions, etc. our Houston Brochure design team has lots of experience working on Bi-Fold Brochures.

Pamphlets Design:

Pamphlets are for the mass distribution and our design team at Houston designs the pamphlets to help maximize your ROI with the Pamphlet distribution efforts.

Gate Fold Design:

These brochures are intended for high-impact marketing. Gate Fold brochures are excellent for the presentation of institutions, companies and high-end products and services.

Flyers Design:

They are ideal for campaigns where it targets the audience in vast. Our flyer design team gives the concise message to make sure that the message is reached to the intended audience.

Catalog Design:

It's a small book consisting of few sheets of a printed papers. It usually comes with 8 pages however, our Catalog designers can work with you and help determine the best way to approach your catalog design.

Booklet Design:

Our designers based at Houston design eye catchy and impressive booklets. Depending on the requirement of the client our designers can design different concepts and can design it for various dimensions and sizes.

Softway Solutions, Inc. can also help you with printing your brochures from our preferred vendors. Our customers have utilized us not only for the design of the brochures but have utilized us for developing the content for the brochures and the printing of the brochures. Contact us today so one of our project managers may assist you with helping you design the next brochure for your business.

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