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At Softway Solutions, we help our clients understand what is brand identity, why it is important and help create and implement aspects of brand identity that a business needs for effective branding. Your brand is the essence of your company. It is the core values of your company created to render familiarity and an implicit emotional response. Brand identity is the aspects of the brand that includes logos, design elements, messaging and other communicative qualities that create a perception of your brand.

What is Brand Identity and Why Is It Important?

Brand identity is essentially how your company’s brand is communicated to your target market. A healthy brand identity represents your company’s core values and differentiates your company from competitors. Developing this part of your company is important for a number of reasons:

It provides direction and meaning to the brand.

It helps the company to realize its strategic vision.

It is central to most company’s touch points.

It is foundation to maximize your brand’s strength.

A major point to consider when developing brand identity is how your brand or company will be positioned. Strategic positioning can be defined as how you identify your niche market, relate to others in that market and the impression you make on the consumer. For example, if you own a bakery in Houston and focus on local ingredients, essentially your positioning will be a local market with geographic pride or community emphasis. This would be your overall company position or focus when it comes to branding.

Working to Create a Brand Identity

Softway Solutions not only helps answer what is brand identity, we can help in the creation of your identity. As stated previously, your identity is how your brand is communicated to your customers or prospective customers. Some parts of brand identity include:

Logos, design elements, color schemes

Messages such as mottos or taglines

Qualities of collateral material such as brochures, catalogs, letterheads and business cards


Knowing what is brand identity, its function and its parts is the first step. The next step is to ensure the quality of your identity. There are certain attributes you need to consider when creating your identity.

Is your identity unique? Your graphics and tone of your brand’s personality should be memorable. It should be unique enough to set you apart from your competition and the ambient noise of advertising in general.

Is your identity consistent? All strong brands are consistent when comes to design and tone over different platforms. Customers need repetition and the ability to always relate to consistent elements in branding.

Is your identity meaningful? All the elements of your brand should offer a reason to be included. If not, they can be distracting and counter-productive to your company’s communication goals.

At Softway Solutions, we make sure to answer these simple questions as we help you create your company’s identity. Knowing what your brand identity could be and its effective usage is one of our company’s strengths. We make sure your brand realizes its full potential and that your company grows from it.

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