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Before starting a web project, it is important to know that web programmer (s) have certain expectations for their clients and when the client’s expectations are in line with those of the developers a smoother project will ensue. In addition, most programmers abide by industry standards which make it simpler to pick up someone else’s project and roll with it. Jayasimha Subbu, website development team lead, points out some of the expectations that programmers have for their clients and also for each other.

Web Programmer Expectations for the Clientweb programmer

To make any project successful, the Client’s input is a necessity throughout the development process. For example:

  • The Client has to give specific requirements for the website before construction. Making changes during the construction of the website will delay the project completion date.
  • The Client has to be proactive with feedback. If the programmer has given you a sample of your new website, provide feedback in a timely manner. Delaying feedback on the website will also delay the project completion date.
  • The Client should provide a deadline. Although programmers create their own deadline if not given one, setting your own deadline shows your dedication to the project.

Web Programmer Expectations for other Programmers

Programmers are the general laborers when developing a website and thus should provide easy to understand work. The following list provides  things to  check for when programmers are working on your new website:

  • Programmers need to declare variables with comments so any programmer can understand the coding.
  • Programmers should use proper names of files containing keywords of the page, rather than just using “Home” or “About.”
  • Programmers should use alt tags for all images. This will definitely help your page for search engine optimization.
  • Make sure programmers set up robot.txt files during developing stages of the website. For the most part, programmers are developing new sites on a server which can be crawled. Setting up a robots.txt file can block pages from being indexed by Google.

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  1. The points are good and crisp.

    You can add another point, that, if a client wants to make change in the requirement during construction, then he should analyse its effects on other aspects of project and must change the deadline accordingly so the developers will be able to accomplish it effectively.

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