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When your company is ready to invest in a website, there are many decisions that need to be made. One of the most critical for the overall functionality and success of your website will be deciding on the type of website that you are building. There are many kinds of websites, and the right type can make all the difference for your business. Far too many businesses overlook this important step in the web page development process. When you choose to partner with a web development firm to create a website for your business, be sure that you’re investing in the right kind of website for your business.

Service-based companies often use brochure-style websites


Brochure-style sites offer information about your business and industry. They show visitors what services you offer and provide valuable content that will entice them to come back again. Generally, these sites are separated into two additional categories: static and dynamic brochure sites. Static sites, once the most popular, offer information about your company that remains the same. Other than a contact form, generally the user doesn’t change the site or input any data.

Dynamic brochure sites, on the other hand, offer changeable content and the potential for visitor input. Blogs are a great example. They offer new content regularly and allow visitors and readers the chance to comment on the site. These sites are typically organized via a content management system, which requires users to log in to access full functionality. There are also dynamic, editable sites that require login but have more robust user activities than just content, such as online games or a social platform.

E-commerce sites are popular for retail companies


Many businesses, when they think of a website, think either of a content-based brochure website or an e-commerce site. Many web development services treat e-commerce websites as one-size-fits-all projects. In reality, e-commerce is one area where truly unique design can pay off well. Your e-commerce shopping functions should be easy to use and intuitive. However, the visuals, color, and layout should be on-brand and unique. This will make shopping on your site more engaging and compel more visitors to convert into paying customers.

Web applications can offer more robust functionality


These websites offer unique content and functions and are often highly interactive. Unlike mobile apps, they are not downloaded but accessed by navigating to a particular website. For most companies, this will be more content and function than you need, unless you offer a unique service or the web application itself is the crux of your business. Working with web development companies can make the design of web applications much simpler.

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