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If your company or start-up is heavily invested in the rollout of an online game or app-based game, having issues with game function can destroy your return on investment. It’s critical to catch and resolve as many glitches, bugs, and programming issues possible before making the game publicly available.

By carefully crafting a User Interface (UI) and working methodically to design your game, you can avoid the worst issues. However, game UI design is complex. Therefore, establishing some trustworthy UI guidelines prior to coding the game itself can pay off many times over.

What is UI design and why does it matter?

Simply put, UI designers create the functions by which your players interact with your game. From the appearance of the game to the functions of buttons or the screen, a UI designer considers each aspect and how it will impact enjoyment of the game. Some designers and programmers may question the importance of game user interface (GUI) design, citing the vast majority of games that release patches and expansions after going on the market. In reality, if the GUI is glitchy or confusing, you’ll struggle to attract players. If your company hasn’t already consulted with a GUI designer, it should consider doing so as soon as possible, before the game launches and ideally before game programming begins in earnest.

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A UI prep checklist for before launch

  • Does your game have a user-friendly interface?
  • Are the functions in the game intuitive, easy to learn, and simple to execute?
  • Have you done several rounds of UI testing?

Softway is your go-to UI design company

If your game requires assistance from a UI design company, Softway should be the first UI designer you contact. Softway has years of experience in creating interfaces that prioritize user experience. Our team also has cutting-edge industry knowledge and equipment available to aid in the process.

We have a UI design portfolio that speaks for itself. Not only are we a highly skilled UI design company, we are also skilled at app creation and online marketing. Softway will aid your business in every step of the process, from creating and testing, to releasing, updating, and marketing your game.


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