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[Image from: Sitefinity] Challenging moments for businesses are mostly experienced when at the crossroads. I hope everybody can agree on that.

Making the right choice when it comes to narrowing down to a business solution like Website Content Management System (WCMS) can be tricky! (At least for me).

Sitefinity is a great option to consider. The beauty of Sitefinity and why it makes for a favourite CMS solution lies in the fact that it caters to an array of possibilities from a business web portal, seamless e-commerce solution, SEO & user-friendly architecture along with flexible customization options.

Usability & User Experience

The usability and user-experience perspective of Sitefinity represents the idea of sophisticated flexibility that caters to both the tech-savvy users to not so tech-savvy content architects. A unique feature is the inline editing option that allows the user to make direct edits on the live page right from keyword tags to metadata and alt tags. This makes it an ideal combination from a SEO & User-friendly perspective.

Sitefinity User experience

N=1 in a CMS

The idea of a holistic digital strategy does not stop with content architecture and technical capabilities. It also takes ‘mass customization’ into consideration where I’m reminded of Management Guru C. K Prahlad’s value co-creation. This theory defines value as delivered when customized to the end user. Named the ‘N=1’ concept, this explains that while tailoring products to different users, each user is unique and so their need is taken into consideration.

Add-On Feature List

  • With customizable drag and drop layouts, you can create new design layouts by defined functionalities.
  • Changing from rows to columns and different sizes is an easy task
  • Multilingual input system is available
  • Globally localised platform
  • Multi-site management through a centralized interface allows management of multiple related sites and microsites, building consistency of communication across platforms
  • Wide range of solutions for mobile and other interactive digital touch points to engage internal & external users

All too familiar…

Mass customization is not a new concept in today’s techno-driven world. The success of Sitefinity only goes to show that it stands as proof of this concept. User experience wise, Sitefinity has established itself to be a credible option compared to other content management systems. In a typical scenario, if business requirements converge with technical competency, Sitefinity is your choice to make.

Be wise, Choose informed.

Great days ahead!

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