UNICEF Partners with Softway Solutions to Create #BringBackOurChildhood Marketing

At the end of last year, we launched a powerful UNICEF vine campaign depicting the wishes of children in crisis countries. Softway has partnered with UNICEF again to bring awareness to another major issue of suffering children in Nigeria. Yesterday marked the beginning of our Snapchat campaign, #BringBackOurChildhood, which showcases drawings from displaced children in Nigeria due to Boko Haram violence.

A year ago today, 276 schoolgirls were abducted in Nigeria which spurred the #BringBackOurGirls movement. However, hundreds of thousands of children continue to be affected by the conflict, including 800,000 children that have had to flee from their homes, leaving everything behind. UNICEF asked these children to communicate what they miss most about their home and childhood through drawings. These drawings are now being showcased to the world to bring awareness to the suffering of these displaced children. With the help of Snapchat superstars, including Shaun McBride (aka Shonduras), we have asked viewers to either share drawings of what they would miss from their childhood or recreate the featured drawings of the displaced children on Snapchat and other social media platforms using the hashtag #bringbackourchildhood.

UNICEF #bringbackourchildhoodUNICEF Snapchat







Snapchat, at its core, is intended to tell extremely personal stories. Up until now, very few non-profits have utilized its massive reach to younger audiences. The fact that we’re able to help bring awareness to a younger generation in a non-threatening, “true-to-the-platform” way is very rewarding and has already resulted in people of all ages – all over the globe – taking action. Add UNICEF on Snapchat and join the #BringBackOurChildhood movement.


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