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Transitioning to a Mobile-Friendly Web Experience Web

Softway’s opinion is that all mobile website transition options are valid and should be considered on a case-by-case basis. With the impending Google mobile algorithm rolling out on April 21, 2015, it’s important to have a plan and consider that you may need a phased approach to meet the short-term and long-term goals. There are 3 key options to consider with mobile website transitions from...

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Google’s Mobile Mania; Mobile-Friendly Requirements for All Web

On April 21, 2015, Google will release an algorithm penalizing non mobile-friendly sites. It could tMACO1290_Bloggraphics-03ake up to one week for this algorithm to completely roll-out. For those of you who are mobile-friendly, there could be positive influence on your search engine rankings. Catering to a mobile and tablet audience has been a trend for years. Until recently, all concerned parties have taken their time...

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Google Partners Connect Softway

Several of Softway Solutions’ clients arrived at our office last week where we simulcast Google Partners Connect, an hour with a panel of marketing and advertising experts from Google. They gave advice to questions via YouTube, offered tools and explained various techniques, not only for growing a business online but also for choosing the right partners to do so. Today’s advertising isn’t as simple as...

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Merichem Makes Product Search Softway

  Softway recently helped launch a new website for Merichem, a Houston-based company serving the oil and gas industries with focused technology, chemical and service solutions. Merichem pioneered the recovery of cresylic acids or phenolic products from refinery caustics. Basically, they’re a tree-huggers dream when it comes to capturing and reusing the byproducts of oil & gas refining. However, their website was not easy to navigate,...

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Softway’s Google Engage Connect Event a Success! Softway

We blogged a couple of days ago about our luck to be chosen as one of the few “Google Engage” agencies to host a special event sponsored by Google, and boy was it awesome 🙂 Our Special VIP guests began to arrive at 11:30am for a quick tour of Softway’s offices. After that, they were taken to the 18th floor of our building to one...

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Why Your Brand Needs to be on Tumblr Marketing

There are many social networks like Facebook and Twitter which promise a wide reach as an ever growing number of people use these social media channels on a daily basis. However, these websites offer some limitations. While Twitter limits the content posted on the site, Facebook does not allow companies to engage with customers on a deeper level. Tumblr is one such microblogging site which...

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