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Deeplinking in Mobile Apps – Diving Deep in Digital Marketing Mobile

The stake of mobile in the digital marketing arena, as forecasted for the year envisions the opportunities ahead for marketers. Digital marketers should streamline their mobile marketing strategies to lead the market. What factors hold good for a quality landing page is also applicable to mobile apps. The ads that are featured in the app should direct users to their desired destination. Concept of deep...

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Mobile Apps in Enterprise Mobility – 4 Key Challenges Mobile

Do you believe incorporating enterprise mobility in your organization is a step forward? Are you one of those cutting edge companies that encourages BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? If yes, you’d be happy to see recent statistics on how majority of organizations are adapting to enterprise mobility with mobile apps. Mobile apps are now an integral part of any workplace. A recent survey on North...

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Jingle Bells Chime in Jingle Bell Vines Marketing

What better way than to bring in the holidays with your favorite form of quality entertainment, Vines! It doesn’t take more than 10 seconds of your day and you can watch it on the go. These vines captures motion, sound, and your attention for the brands that you love the most. Brian Gavin Diamonds Parabox creative outdid themselves with the gift of a lifetime. (Well, a...

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Parabox Creative Visits the Big Apple! Softway

Parabox creative took a trip to the Big Apple to conquer the fashion world! Frank Danna and Hunter Harrison came back with behind-the-scene images and stories to tell about their upcoming project with InStyle Magazine. Softway Solutions are very proud for all the work that’s been done in the Vine world but it’s time to take over Snapchat!  Parabox creative set camp in the Time...

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Difference between a Web App and a Mobile App Mobile

There has been an increased attention to mobile applications in the past one to two years due to the rise in use of smart phones and tablets. Yet, most people still do not know that there are two types of mobile applications, web based applications and native applications. I have put together a guide to help you determine which mobile application you may want to...

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Mobile Application Development | What You Need to Know? Mobile

According to an In-Stat research study, “about 65 percent of the U.S. population, or over 200 million people, will have a smartphone…..in 2015.” With an increase in use of smart phone devices the mobile market will grow, and tech-savvy business owners will take advantage of this opportunity seeking out mobile application developers. The question we ask is do you know how to select the best...

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