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Why M-Commerce Is Critical For the Success of Your Business Mobile

Mobile commerce has been growing quickly every year as technology becomes more powerful and convenient. Businesses today need to take advantage of this increasingly large segment of consumers who are browsing and buying products through mobile devices like tablets and phones. You should understand why m-commerce is critical for the success of your business. Make Purchasing As Easy As Possible The top reason m-commerce is...

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November Is the New Black Friday Marketing

Long are the days when Black Friday sales were on Friday. We would enjoy a pleasant Thanksgiving meal with our families and either stay up all night or rest up for the hectic shopping trip that’s been anticipated for all year. What happened to those days? Throughout the years Black Friday has become Black Thursday and now November is the new Black Friday. It’s not...

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AIDA at your Service… Marketing

You might be thinking about the various models to formulate a digital marketing strategy, which may be difficult, if you don’t know where to start. But the good news is there are various resources available for you to start with.  What’s the next step as a digital marketer? Is there a solid model that we can bank upon? Yes, there are various quick tips on...

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E-tailers: An Ecommerce Synthesis Web

Howdy folks! The shopping spree begins when the wallet is full. As a customer it’s the perfect scenario to be in. But at the other end of the table, the retailers are in a race to win wallets and the mind share of customers. The retail industry has catapulted to new highs of technology giving traditional retailers the jitters. E-tailers, the pure play eCommerce companies,...

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Website Checklist Web

You have hired a company to build your website and it is ready to go live. STOP! Have you checked their work to make  sure they did everything right? Have you tested the functionality of the website to make sure everything works as expected. Many people neglect this process, only to realize later on that the website development company made mistakes, and the website development company cannot...

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Top 5 ECommerce Pricing Models Web

Top 5 Ecommerce Pricing Models 1. Revolving Pricing Model A revolving pricing model is most commonly used for subscription based services. The key sign of a subscription is: consistent content delivery. This means you deliver fresh content daily, weekly, monthly and so on. Seeing as how your product is delivered on a schedule it only makes sense to charge your customers on a schedule. Does...

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