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Web application: Today’s demand for app compatibility Web

When companies engage in creating a web application framework, they often focus their resources on a single brand or platform. If your employees are all issued iPhones, for example, your web application architecture may only support operations on iOS devices. However, this could pose an issue if they are out-of-state and using their personal mobile device. When investing in an enterprise app for your business,...

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App prototype development: Is it worth investing in? Mobile

If your company is developing an app, whether it’s an app-based game, enterprise app to streamline your business functions, or a mobile app for general use, like an exercise tracker, it can be hard to figure out if your company should invest its money for an app prototype development. For many businesses who are developing applications for public consumption, working with an outside company to...

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Gamification for Your Salesforce! Not for Competition But Inclusive Co-Opetition Mobile

In accomplishing business objectives, the prevailing digital era poses new and complex challenges to take on. We break our head day in and day out to run our customer focused business model. Simultaneously, we should consider the vitality of our internal stakeholder’s engagement towards work and strategize to engage them in a better way irrespective of their field or department of work. The strategy I...

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ToothIQ JR. App Released Mobile

Have you ever tried to teach a toddler proper toothbrush procedures? It’s not easy. But it might be a little easier now, with the ToothIQ JR. App, designed and developed by Softway Solutions. The ToothIQ JR. project started about one year ago. iTooth Apps came to us with an idea for an app that was both informative as well as fun for their young patients....

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There Might Be Scrum-thing To This Web

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools; Working software over comprehensive documentation; Customer collaboration over contract negotiation; Responding to change over following a plan.” –    The Agile Manifesto      In every sense of the word we are a growing company. Though we’re reaping the returns of our hard work, external growth outpacing internal growth makes it more challenging to manage projects. Our workload is steadily...

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Difference between a Web App and a Mobile App Mobile

There has been an increased attention to mobile applications in the past one to two years due to the rise in use of smart phones and tablets. Yet, most people still do not know that there are two types of mobile applications, web based applications and native applications. I have put together a guide to help you determine which mobile application you may want to...

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