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Auscultation PrimerRecently, Softway Solutions was recognized for the great development of a mobile application at the 14th annual 2012 Web Health Awards.  Out of a pool of more than 600 mobile application entries, Softway Solutions was awarded the Bronze Web Health Award for the work done on the Auscultation Primer medical mobile app.

Designed for mobile devices such as iPhone and Android, the Auscultation Primer app improves the user’s auscultation (the ability to hear sounds from within the body) of various sounds made by the heart. The app was developed for the Texas Heart Institute in collaboration with Dr. James Wilson and Coordinator Arnulfo Martinez of the Heart Sounds Laboratory.

Developed primarily for health professionals like doctors, nurses and surgeons, this portable tool is also useful for medical students and all types of clinicians who want to improve their powers of auscultation.

Another great feature this app has is the inclusion of 10 live recordings from a range of real medical care patients. The Auscultation Primer app provides actual examples of common murmurs and other sounds made by the human heart. Each video recording provides clear samples of easily-recognizable audio, crystal clear phonocardiograms and detailed EKG tracings for accurate timing. To help enhance the learning curve, our developers included comprehensive and descriptive textual entries to walk each user through the app’s different options. 
Ausculation Primer App

Our Softway Solutions developers who helped to create this award-winning app and who were apart of the development team are proud of their accomplishments. As a company, we are excited about the ongoing and growing role of supporting the nation’s healthcare industry with mobile applications.

By receiving this award, it helps add recognition and honor to Softway Solutions’ already unblemished reputation as one of America’s leading digital resource companies. Congratulations to our mobile application development team on their success!

You can download the app for iPhone Here and for Android Here.

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