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Shashikumar is a senior creative artist at Softway India who believes in simply enjoying work and the rest will follow. He enjoys listening to folk music and is a Kung Fu Panda fan. In his free time he visits art galleries. His journey of being an artist was not easy, considering the opposition at home. Shashi took everyone by surprise by winning a state-level painting competition that had over 10000 participants. His prize is his bike, a reminder of his determination being worthwhile.





Imran Khan

Employee SpotlightImran Khan, is a relatively new member to the Dot Net team. He comes from Coimbatore, famously known as the Manchester of South India. He loves cooking; his specialty being pepper chicken. What many don’t know about Imran is his dislike for social networking and ice-cream. His wish-list includes a buying a car, a PlayStation for himself and a gold chain for his girlfriend, whom he absolutely dotes on. We hope he does crack that lottery!



Sahana is an associate software engineer at Softway. She is an animal lover, especially dogs. In her free time Sahana teaches Computer Science and enjoys going on long walks. A habit she wishes to kill is her over-analysis of issues. Her mom is someone she looks up to for her self-less nature and Karma is what keeps her grounded. Working, has made her independent and equipped her to take failure in her stride.




Softway Employee SpotllightParthibhan

Parthi, the Technology Director at Softway has several projects & back to back meetings that keep him busy through the day. If time and money weren’t a factor, Parthi says he’d be exploring exotic places around the globe. He enjoys cooking. And if there’s something that he could learn, trying his hand at different cuisines would be it. Eating vegetarian every day is something he really struggles with. He has fond memories of his college life and connecting with old friends is one thing he really has on his wishlist. We hope the pipeline has a reunion for a change!

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