Simple ways to measure and improve customer experience (CX) Web / Mobile

One of the easiest ways to encourage traffic to your website or app is to focus on consumer experience during the design and update phases of your platform. Digital customer experience is defined as the quality of your customers’ experiences on your website or app. That can include ease of navigation and use, unique layout and memorable features, and reviewing your social media presence.

The better the users’ digital experience with your company, the better your chances are at converting them into paying customers and building not only brand recognition but loyalty with them.

How can you improve your customers’ experience?


How to improve UX and UI for better Customer ExperienceThere are many simple ways to improve customer experience. One of the easiest is to invest in UX/UI design, which focuses on creating a positive interaction with your website or app from the earliest stages in design. Thankfully, if you already have an app or website, it isn’t too late. You can still cultivate the best customer experience possible with careful upgrades and changes.


Here is what we know from customer experience analytics.

  • Customers don’t want to wait online. Load times are critical to retaining consumer interest. If your website takes ten seconds to fully load, you could lose as much as 50 percent of your customer base in that time. Even a fraction of a second more time loading than your competitors could send your visitors right to their website.
  • Focus on presenting a consistent image and experience. Consumers want to understand your company and brand. If your presentation varies from website to app to social media, this can be confusing and appear unprofessional. You want seamless integration between various online platforms. In addition to being interconnected via links and widgets, your company should use similar language and aesthetics on all online platforms. This helps create a stable mental picture of your brand for consumers.
  • Finally, remember the importance of mobile experience. A substantial and growing amount of online traffic comes directly from cellphones and other mobile devices. Therefore, you should optimize your website for performance on both desktop computers and mobile devices. It should scale and load easily for both formats, and should perform critical tasks, like adding items to a shopping cart, intuitively.


How to measure customer experience?


One of the most difficult things for companies to do is determine how users view their online experience with your company’s website or app. Survey software can be a critical component of determining how online users perceive their experience. Their feedback, over time, can help your company refine its presence to encourage a more positive user experience.

Alternatively, feedback questions can be built into your app, prompting customers to answer a few questions after placing an order. Combine this input with your analytics, including bounce rate, the average number of pages or items viewed, and conversion rate. If your conversion rate is low or your bounce rate is high, it may be time to work with a professional team, like the creative developers at Softway, to improve your customers’ digital experiences with your company.


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