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Roughly one billion people around the globe use smartphones, and that number is increasing daily. Your business wants to have adequate market penetration and reach as many consumers as possible when your company is going to launch an app. To do that, you need to ensure your app is accessible by those using both Android and Apple iOS systems. Your best chances at success come from having a functional, user-friendly app available on schedule when you launch your app. When you’re ready to build an iOS app, the initial launch can often impact long-term success.

Outsourcing your app ensures a smoother launch


iOS App launch tipsWhy spend the time and money creating a position and hiring someone who knows iOS programming when you could outsource the work to a team that has a history of successful app launches? To successfully make an iOS app, programmers should understand the operating system, user experience, and other apps offering similar functions. There’s a sharp learning curve involved in understanding how to develop iOS apps. Working with someone with experience creating them helps ensure your app launch can stay on budget and on schedule.


Top tips for improving your iOS app launch


When you invest in an app, you want to ensure it reaches as many people as possible and converts that reach into app downloads.

  • Build your online presence and awareness of your app’s launch.

Investing in online ads, blog posts, and promoted social media posts can help ensure the public is aware of your iOS app’s impending launch.

  • Look at where your competition is failing and succeeding.

Generally speaking, if there is at least one successful app in your niche, your app has potential for success. Your designer should be carefully analyzing user feedback about existing apps to ensure you offer something useful, newer, and better than the competition.

  • Integrate cutting-edge features.

People expect new app launches to include exciting new features, beautiful graphics, and an intuitive user interface.

  • Ensure your app price is competitive.

If every other app in your niche is free, you may have a hard time prompting customers to choose you over them. There are plenty of ways to monetize an iOS app beyond charging to download it.

Softway can help you develop and market your iOS app


Softway can help your company develop a robust app marketing strategy. Our team of creative professionals has years of experience and understands how to promote an app. Don’t just hire the cousin of your IT guy who doesn’t really know how to market an app. Partner with a company with a proven track record of success when it comes to marketing an app and ensuring it is compatible with the most popular operating systems for mobile devices.

Softway can help your company maximize the return on its app development investment. Contact us today to ensure your app reaches its audience.


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