Google’s Mobile Mania; Mobile-Friendly Requirements for All Web

On April 21, 2015, Google will release an algorithm penalizing non mobile-friendly sites. It could tMACO1290_Bloggraphics-03ake up to one week for this algorithm to completely roll-out. For those of you who are mobile-friendly, there could be positive influence on your search engine rankings.

Catering to a mobile and tablet audience has been a trend for years. Until recently, all concerned parties have taken their time to evaluate the mobile transition options available to their business. We are now in a position of haste and quick transformation to Google’s Mobile-Friendly requirements to maintain existing presence on the search engine’s results.

The 5 key elements of a “mobile-friendly” experience as defined by Google are:

A defined “viewport” for the mobile screen size scale
Content that fits within said viewport to avoid horizontal scrolling or pinching
Font sizes appropriate to the content and viewport scale
Touchable elements that give adequate space between elements
Design and motion powered by mobile-friendly technology
Luckily the search giant is also providing a developer guide to adjust to their mobile-friendly standards. Let’s walk through their advice so an informed decision can be made towards a plan of action.

How Do You Identify Your Site’s Current Mobile Status?

1. Google your site name using a mobile device, and look for grey text under the URL that states “Mobile-friendly”.
2. Google has provided a tool where you can test a URL. You get a Yes/No determination, and it will inform you of the issues the site has based on their requirements.

BGD- Mobile friendly

What are my mobile transformation options before April 21, 2015?

1. If you are currently using a third-party software to maintain your site (i.e. WordPress, Magento), there could be a simple solution already built into your software that is waiting for you to pull the trigger.
2. If you have a hand coded website, you can either try to accomplish a traditional mobile transition or you can make a quick transition to a mobile site using a third-party tool like
Third-party tools may appear quick and simple, but it’s still imperative to have someone trained in technical SEO to review the HTML output.
These tools are not full-proof methods to maintain your existing SEO meta-data and on-page necessities .
3. Consult an expert like Softway Solutions and we will provide you with the best options to attain compliance by the April 21st deadline.


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